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Let it be said that I never do anything small...

Well, I was feeling ok today, but not all that good. So, around noon, I do not feel good at all, so I come home and lay down, well not 20 or 30 min later, I am worshiping the Porcelain God again and giving my offering of the sacrifice! (AKA, I was puking). So, I called my doctor, and she did not have an opening, but another doc in her group did at 3:20, and it was only about 1.5 miles from my apartment so that was nice.

So, I get there, find the building, and get all checked in. So I saw Dr. Pederson. He looked me over, and figured out that I most likley have a stomach flu / bug. He said it can last 5 to 7 days (which I pray it does not). He did say if it lasts longer then that, then to come back. And beleave me, if it does last longer then that I will be back.

So, he also gave me a list of things that I can eat that should be easy on my system, so I spent more money on food and got a bunch of that crap.

Well I still have homework that is due and I have not been feelin like doing, so I guess I should do that before I feel bad again! Anyway, I want to say thanks to everyone who has wished me well and all that stuff. Thank You.

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