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Coffee is my friend....

So here I sit again at Starbucks, but this is a different Starbucks this one is in Wheat Ridge, CO (read as Metro Denver). I just got done taking my sister Kate to DIA (airport), and really did not feel like starting the two hour trip back out to Breckenridge yet, so I figured I get some gasoline for the car, and I would find a Starbucks.

I have now completed both these tasks and I am sitting here enjoying my drink and internet usage. Yesterday I got a 1 day pass, cus it was cheaper then doing the pay by the hour / as you go thing. Well, this 1 day pass is 24 full hours, so it will work until about 2:45 pm today, so that is a very good thing.

I never did get around to doing a full picture post like I wanted to yesterday, so I am going to try and get to that as soon as I get done with this post! I have real pictures, not just the fun ones I have taken with my cell phone (yes I do own a real digital cam, and use it). Anyway once I get those pictures uploaded, I will post them here, but first they need to be resized a bit!

So, it’s kinda sad that my sister has left for home once again. Granted, she will be back in mid December, but its still sad. She is like my counterpart in crime. lol. We get along so well, and its nice having her around. I know that she can not stay for ever and she must return to Ohio, so she can finish her schooling...but I can miss her right?

The drive Sunday will be hard, cus I will be alone for 8 hours, which I must admit does suck a little, but I do get a chance to rock out to really really loud music, so I guess it makes up for that. Anyway, that enough of the sad crap, and I will get over it!

So also on tap for today, before I return to Breck is to go hit up a Target and get a few things that are on sale only today and then grab some lunch to eat or take back with me to the condo. There are a few other things that I would like to do before I head back, but its too far of a drive and I do not think the weather will be in my favor also.

I am trying to make it back to the Condo around noonish, cus it is suppose to snow up in the Mt. today (and maybe on the Front Range also), and I really do not want to get stuck down here in Denver. Its not that I do not like Denver cus I really do like Denver, and could see my self living here at some point in my life time! It's just that all my clothing and other crap is still up at the condo in Breck and to get stuck 75 or so miles away from that would suck!

Now, on a different subject, I think I have spent more time in coffee shops on this trip then I have in the rest of my life. I am not saying this is a bad thing, cus I love the mixture of caffeine and internet and its nice to not just be sitting in from of my computer at my apartment. I like this so much, I might start doing it more often back home in Albuquerque.

Also, it has been a very long time since I have just been able to write like this about stuff in my journal. It might be that I have not had that much to write about (or stuff I am willing to write about for the public to read), or maybe its just that I have needed a good change in venue or something, but it is very nice.

If there is one thing that I have found / figured out from having a Livejournal, is that I like to write about things. I do not mean like write books or anything like that, but more just that I like to write about what is going on, and what I have been doing. It is also nice, cus it allows family / friends / people to know that I have not fallen off the face of the earth! LOL. Not that I really think it is possible to fall of the face of the earth given that last time I checked gravity is still holding me on this big spinning ball type thing we call a planet!

Anyway, I think that is enough for now, and now time to do a photo post. I have 2 hours 30 min left on my battery on my laptop so I should have no problem doing it today.

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