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Wow Dial-up Sucks...

So here I am, sitting in a Starbucks in Breckenridge, CO using the wireless. Yes, I am paying for it, but at this point, I do not mind. I did get to use free wireless on Wednesday, but today Kate and I wound up at Starbucks, and so here I am.

Also a points during this week, I have used crappy, very crappy, dial-up service. That was a pain just to check my e-mail, which is why I am electing to pay for wireless right now. Also, before we came to Starbucks, we tried driving around Breck seeing what networks we could jump onto, and after finding what is prob 20 or so wireless networks, all I could not get a connection to.

Also right now, I am looking at the line for Coffee from starbucks and its totaly unreal! As Kate said, there is tons and tons of coffee around this town, but yet, everyone’s still goes to Starbucks. It just proves how much brand loaitly there is, even when people go on vacation. The line has been out the door ever since we got here and has not showed any sign of slowing down.

Thanksgiving was good. We went to Beaver Run for dinner, and as it was three years ago, it was totally yummy. I ate too much food (go figure), and was really stuffed after dinner. Then after dinner we drove down to Silverthorne (about 12 miles), and saw the new Harry Potter movie. It was really really good, and yes, much darker then the other 3 movies. As one who has not read any of the HP books, it was kinda fun to be able to watch the movie and not know what is ahead.

Anyway, Most of my time here at Breck has been spent just bumming around and doing next to nothing, which for me is a very nice change. There has been some discussion about leaving on Saturday due to a snow storm that is support to hit the area, but it looks more and more like its not going to affect us that bad. Also, as I keep telling my mom, we are in a state that knows how to do snow removal! Unlike New Mexico, where snow removal is 4 guys in a Pickup Truck, who jump out and shovel the intersection. LOL. So, I am not really worried at all!

I do have to get up butt early to take Kate to the airport in Denver (about 1.5 hours away). Her flight is at 8am or there about, so I am thinking we will need to leave around 4 am, or there about. So that should be loads and loads of fun!

(15:20 - Kate just got in line for coffee, so we shall see how long this takes)

Anyway, as my vacation comes to a close on Sunday, it has been great! It has been very nice to get away from the office, to get out of the state, and to just be able to relax with family!

Well, I think that is all for now. I think a picture post will be in my future!


EDIT: 15:28 - Kate has returned from ordering, we shall now see how long it takes to get the coffee.

EDIT: 15:35 - We just got our coffee. 15 Min from start to end, is not bad considering the length of the line.
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