Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Back in town, only to leave again....

This weekend was great. For those of you who are not in the loop, this weekend was the Rocky Mt. Synod Senior High Youth Gathering. The theme was "THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH ...a gathering of fools", and it was much better then I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be a crap load of clowns and that was not sounding like much fun. But it turned out really well.

Our main speaker was Dick Hardel who was just totaly awsome as a key note! I think he was able to just connect with the kids, and was just a lot of fun. He made jokes that I know the kids all wanted to say, but never thought they would hear.

Also, we had the The Fitz Family, which a family that juggles and travels throughout the United States and Canada performing. They were awsome too, and I could not beleave some of the stuff they did. There message was also great!

It was lots of fun, but was also very late nights, and very early mornings. On Friday night we went to bed at 2am, well ok, it was really Saturday morning, and then we had to be up again at 6am Saturday morning. Saturday was a really really full day. I was on my feet for most of the day, and by Saturday night, I just started to drive everwhere up there, cus it was A) faster and B) less pain on my feet.

Finaly we went to bed around 3am ish and our alarms were going off around 6:30am. So again another short night, but still fun. Its amazing how much caffeen and sugar it takes to keep me going when I have had little to no sleep. LOL.

Also, it was very very very cold up there, and our room that we were staying in was not much better. The heater in our room was not / never worked! So, when it was 20 deg's out side, it was about 40 in our room. When we would get up in the morning, we would stay in our sleeping bags as long as we could, and then at the last possible second, we would jump out, and then get dressed as quick as we could.

And when I say get dressed, I mean everything, including jacket and gloves indoors. lol. The cold room did make for some very good sleeping, so that was a plus.
In other news, I have one full day in town, before I leave again! This time its to go on vacation with my family in Breckenridge,CO , my second vacation in two months. Now I need to find some place to go in December to make it 3 vacations in 3 months. LOL!

Anyway, I leave Tuesday after my last class, so I am getting out around 2pm, and I hope to get in to Breck around 10pm to midnight. It all really depends on what I get for dinner, and if I feel like grabbing and going, or stopping and eating. Right now, I am thinking CPK or Chipotle Mexican Grill for dinner in eather the Springs, or in Denver it's self.

Well I need to take off, so peace!
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