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Well, its not my day....

For that matter not my week...

Right now I am trying to save the VP's hard drive cus its taking a shit dive and quick. I am getting ready to stick it in the freezer to see if I can save the hard drive or not! It’s a last ditch effort (which has worked many times before), so we shall see. I have a backup drive ready to go, but first I need to save the data of the bad drive! Yikes!
Also in other news, I will be out of communications from Friday November 18 to Sunday November 20 because I will be at the Senior High Youth Gathering helping out. I will have no access to e-mail, lj, and limited cell phone service there.

I will also be out of communication again from November 22 to November 27. I will be up in Colorado with my family on vacation. I may have access to my e-mail & LJ (but I do not know), but I will have normal cell service.

Both times I will be checking my Voice Mail, so if you really need me, call my cell, and leave me a message.
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