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Yet Again, Kevin Gets Screwed! (DAMN IT)

So, I just found out that I am not going to get one of those nice "Energy Tax Rebates" from the state of New Mexico, and I am PISSED!

I work very damn hard for my money, pay for all my own gas (despite it being 3.00 per gal), and to heat my apartment, but yet no rebate for Kevin.

Now can anyone guess why Kevin does not get a rebate? Anyone out there, come on, anyone?

It is cus my parents claim me as a dependent! Something to which I get no benefit from (to which I know or see)*, but yet screws me over!

So ya, Kevin gets screwed yet again, and not in a way I want! I wonder how many other times this has happend before, and I have not known! I feel I have been cheated out of something, and in some respects I have!

That is all for now....
* I am not saying that I get no support or benefit from my parents, cus I do get a lot. They help me with rent, among other things, to which I am totaly greatful for. As stated above, I get no benefit from my parents claiming me as a dependent to which I know. That does not mean there is some big and life saving thing that I get from them claiming me as a dependent. My guess is that there is some big and life saving thing that I get from my parents claiming me as a dependent, and that I should be thankful for that.
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