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Yet Again, Kevin Gets Screwed! (DAMN IT)

So, I just found out that I am not going to get one of those nice "Energy Tax Rebates" from the state of New Mexico, and I am PISSED!

I work very damn hard for my money, pay for all my own gas (despite it being 3.00 per gal), and to heat my apartment, but yet no rebate for Kevin.

Now can anyone guess why Kevin does not get a rebate? Anyone out there, come on, anyone?

It is cus my parents claim me as a dependent! Something to which I get no benefit from (to which I know or see)*, but yet screws me over!

So ya, Kevin gets screwed yet again, and not in a way I want! I wonder how many other times this has happend before, and I have not known! I feel I have been cheated out of something, and in some respects I have!

That is all for now....
* I am not saying that I get no support or benefit from my parents, cus I do get a lot. They help me with rent, among other things, to which I am totaly greatful for. As stated above, I get no benefit from my parents claiming me as a dependent to which I know. That does not mean there is some big and life saving thing that I get from them claiming me as a dependent. My guess is that there is some big and life saving thing that I get from my parents claiming me as a dependent, and that I should be thankful for that.


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Nov. 14th, 2005 05:58 am (UTC)
Oh, Baby, I'm sorry you aren't going to get that money - getting money is always fun. I agree, considering what the rebate was intended for, you are getting screwed.

However, the benefit that you get from us claiming you as our dependent is that we pay over half of your support each year - that's what's required for us to be able to do that on our taxes. As you mentioned, we help you with your rent, we pay the insurance on your car (almost $1000 per year, although now that you are "of age" that will be going down a little), we pay your tuition and buy your books for school, we pay your cell phone bill each month, etc. If you want to be totally free, we can stop claiming you as a dependent and you can pay all those expenses, but I think you're getting by far the better end of the deal at this point =)

Nov. 14th, 2005 11:48 am (UTC)
Re: Dependents

I know, and I really was not ragging about you guys claiming me as a dependent, cus I know I get a lot from you guys. I was more just ragging cus its stupid. I would much rather be claimed as a dependent, and then get the 100 or 200 dollars. So, ya, I am getting a much better deal, but I still think they falsely represented the tax cut, cus it sounded like, if you filed a tax return, no matter who you are, you get money.

I had been planning on using the return to pay for my gas to Breck & back, but I guess I will have to find another source of funding now. O well. I still think I got screwed, but by the state / government.
Nov. 14th, 2005 12:48 pm (UTC)
Energy Rebate
Actually, you should be contacting your representative and Governator Bill. There was an editorial, I think, in yesterday's paper about it and the person was saying that the $84 he got wouldn't even fill his SUV (poor guy). "Energy 'Rebate' a Hoax on Gasoline Buyers by Charles D. Brunt". (Sunday Journal, November 13, 2005)

His main comment was the rebate was a political move not an economic one. It was to buy votes from the poor folks, not the working stiffs. It would have been better to suspend the State's gas tax for a while instead of sending out the rebate checks thereby benefiting everyone who buys gas.

Also, don't get mad, get even. Don't vote for the slob who voted for the rebate. Send someone else up there. That would be a message to Governator Bill.

Nov. 14th, 2005 01:29 pm (UTC)
Re: Energy Rebate
Trust me; I feel a letter writing thing coming on once I get some down time from school. Also, my guess is it may be a federal law, and not a state law that keeps me from getting this, cus I remember now that I never got the 300 dollar tax rebate from Bush a few years back, and my guess is that was due to me being a dependant.

Also, I do not think the rebates were a bad thing. I know lots of people who got good sized rebates (who are not making that much money), and used the rebate money to buy food & other needed stuff for their family! Also, remember this was not only to offset gas, but to also help offset heating also, so to just remove the fuel tax would not help every low income person. Really, that would only help rich people who drive a lot.

Also, I think if you drive an SUV, its your damn fault if the rebate does not cover the cost of gas for your car. I think if you are having problems affording gas for your SUV, then maybe, just maybe you should downsize, and buy/drive a more fuel efferent car.

Also, the guy who wrote into the journal, based his 84 dollar rebate check, he is earning more then 60,000 dollars per year according to the Rebate Table, so really he does not need much help with gas and such. If he is making more then 60,000 dollars, to me, he should be able to afford gas and such for his family with not problems.

Me on the other hand, I would have gotten somewhere between 124 to 249 based on my income being more then 10,000 dollars a year, but less then 20,000 dollars per year. Also, gas was a hardship for me this year, with my gas cost almost doubling from 20 dollars to fill up my car, to over 40 at the worst point. I just filled up today for 30 dollars, so we are not quite back to where it should be yet.

Also, when I looked in Money over the weekend, I noticed that I am about even cost wise with how much I paid last year for gas, but what really should be noted, is that I am driving about half of what I did last year!

Anyway, I feel that is enough for now.

Peace & Love,
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