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A real update? Can it be?

Ok, so it has been sometime since I have done just a normal update.

So I have been very busy lately, which is ok because it keeps my mind off other things and it also keeps me out of trouble. This weekend I had little to no free time for Kevin. Saturday I got to sleep in a little bit, and then got up and started to do things around my apartment. It did seem like everyone was calling me Saturday morning. I make a quick lunch, and then logged into the VPN here at work, and started to get some things done.

Somewhere around the same time I slammed my little toe on my left foot into the corner of my bed, and let me tell you it hurt like hell. Granted I have done this before, but it has never hurt like this. Luckily it was my bed I slammed into, so that way I could just jump on the bed, and let out a yell of cuss words, some which I did not even know I knew. LOL. So, it hurt to walk around my apartment, and at one point, I thought I might have broken my toe. So, later on that night, some 8 to 10 hours later it still hurt. So my plan was to sleep on it (bad pun), and see how it felt in the morning, and if it was still hurting me bad, I was going to go to Urgent Care, and get it looked at. Well Sunday morning rolls around, and it felt much better. It still hurt some, but nothing like it did the night before. So, I no longer think I broke it. Every now and then it still hurts a little, but I think it is just fine.

So, anyway, after I slammed my toe into my bed, I did a few more things around my apartment, and then took off for the office to get the weekend backups done, and all that other junk that I have to do. Got done at the office and took off for Barnes and Noble to look at CD's. I ended up buying two new CD's, "Tobymac - Welcome To Diverse City" and "Audio Adrenaline - Until My Heart Caves In", both are great CD's and I really like then both. So from Barnes & Noble, I went up to Kelly and Erik's to watch there two girls for the night since Kelly was doing a "Girls Night Out", and Erik was out of town. As much as I hate to say it (and I do not know why), but it was kinda fun watching the two girls. I am not sure if it just got me out of the house on a Saturday night or what, it was fun to do. So the girls and I went and got gas for my car @ Costco, and then went to Evergreen Chinese Buffet for dinner. Kelly got home somewhere around 9ish, and then she and I watch "The Interpreter". I got home sometime after midnight, did some things quick and went to bed.

Sunday, I got up and went to church for Sunday School (I help with the High School Class). Then when I should have gone to late service, I ran over to the Albertsons across the street from church, and got some things that I needed for a meeting right after church. So, then I got back just in time to take communion. Then my meeting started with the Confermands. I am helping out there too as a mentor for the Confirmation program. So, that lasted until almost 2pm, at which point I went over to Mike & Mary-Beths to help Lori watch her kids, since her husband was in Florida doing the Iron-Man.

A little before 5:30, I went over to my apartment, and setup my VCR to record some things, and then was off to my Grandma's house for a Family Dinner. After drinks and happy hour type stuff at my Grandma's house, we went to Trombinos for dinner. It was fun to sit around with family and talk and laugh. It was a great way to finish off a long weekend. Then I got home did some things, and then watch the stuff I taped.

Today was good. I went to my econ class, and then when I got to my math class, I saw a few of my friends from that class in the hall and they said it was canceled. I was like you are BSing right? Nope, there was a note on the door from the math department giving notice of the class being canceled. So, that was cool and a nice treat. So, then I took off for my place, where I fixed lunch, and did something’s for work.

I got into the office a little after noon, and started to do the major things that had to be done. I also had a 2pm meeting with our new rep from Time Warner Telecom, and it was a good meeting. It also lasted a little under an hour, so it was a nice way to kill sometime during the day. Then I was busy hammering out some issue that came up during that meeting. We also today figured out, with help from our rep, that one of our long distance lines got slammed. So, we got that fixed, and then had a freeze put on our lines, so now it takes a sig from me or my boss to get anything changed on our lines.

Also today I stayed past 5pm, and have been doing some work on the server, and have been rebooting them cus, well they prob need it anyway. So, now I am getting ready to call Dions and place my order, leave the office and go pick up dinner.

So all in all, just a bunch of things getting slammed. LOL

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