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Ok, just a thought to be taken as such....

So, I was looking at CNN tonight, and was reading the story about how the riots in France have entered their 10th night.

So, as I sit here, around 1am, I am reading this and wonder why the United States of America has not done anything to help France. Sure we take over other countries on a moments notice, but when it comes to a country that need real help; we are nowhere to be found. It just strikes me sometimes that from a country with our size of power does not do more to help out. It sometimes seems that we only help out when we get a benefit from it, and to me that is just wrong. I think we should help out when ever we are able, and in what ever form we can. I sometimes wonder if God is sitting above, looking at the world in which he created, and cry’s or covers his eyes like we do when the times get hard.

So far in everything that I have seen and/or read, nowhere is there even a mention of the US asking France if it needs help. So far the only thing the US has done is issue a warning to "visitors to be aware of the situation and avoid the affected areas."

Quote from CNN Story on travel warning:
The U.S. Embassy in Paris has issued a public announcement warning American travelers about the rioting.

"Although the riots have occurred in areas not normally frequented by U.S. tourists, travelers should be aware that train travel from the Charles de Gaulle Airport to the city center may be disrupted at times, as it passes near the affected area," according to the announcement, dated Friday.

"Travelers could rely instead on airport buses or taxis to downtown Paris. Americans should avoid the affected areas."

Ok, now I could be totally wrong here, and the US could be helping, or could have offered help, and I could not know about it. But, so far in everything I have read, I have not seen anything about it.

**Just so you all know, I am "Screening Comments" on this post, as I do not want things to get out of hand. So long as a comment is not evil in nature I will allow it. I am doing this so this post does not become full of comments of hate one way or another.**
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