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Another day, another bike ride...

So, after class today, I went down to Costco and got gas for my car. I only paid 2.60 (Only, lol). So, then I droped by Lori's and gave her back her house key.

So, then I came home, talked to some people, and then went up to the bank and made a nice 200 dollar depost. Money I made puppy sitting (Damn Stright). Lol. So, then after the bank, I came back here, and grabed my bike and got on the road.

So, todays ride was from Louisiana & San Antonio to Louisiana & Florence (South of Alameda) and back to my apartment. This ride was 4.5 miles long. This was also much futher then I was going to go at first.

My goal (and I mean long term), was to make it to Louisiana & Alameda. Well, today when I got to Paseo, I felt really good, so I decieded to continue on. Well, then I got to Alameda, and still felt good, so I continued on, until I got to Florence, and decieded it was time to head back. I prob could have continued on, but I wanted to not over do it, so I turned back.

Well, today I also drop tested my iPod here. I had the iPod in the belt clip, and well, it came off, and flew down the road. So, after I retreved my iPod from the curb where it layed, I put it in my a pocket on my backpack. LOL. I am really amazed at how well it held up. It's got a some good scratches on it, but the screen is fine, it plays just fine. It works! They make a great product, that holds up under pressure.

To show just how good it is, some one tried to destory one, and it took a lot. After everything else they did, they finaly had to run over it with a car 2 or 3 times. But before they did that, they droped it out of a car at 60+ mph and it still was working. LOL. They also did a bunch of other stuff, and it worked just fine, so I am nnot worried.

Well, I need to go jump in the shower and clean up and then off to everything else I have to do tonight.



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