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One Hell of A Day!

How to tell your Monday is going to be complete shit.
1. You find the cash drawer at work, open, and will not close.
2. Seeing question 1, someone stole 100 dollars from the cash drawer at work.
3. Seeing questions 1 & 2, there are no signs of forced entry. IE inside job.
4. Your boss is in a shit mood.
5. The copier does not want to work
6. Your boss is in a shit mood.
7. The computer hates you and your co-workers guts.
8. Your co-worker goes home sick at 3:30 pm, living you to close the shop at 5:30 pm.
9. FedEx Ground Pickup guy is late, very late to pickup daily packages.
10. You don't leave the office until 5:45, working 9.75 hours with out lunch and it's only monday.

Fix to it all:

One really large adult drink and sleeping in your own bed.

So ya, you can guess how my Monday was, and more then likely, how my Tuesday will go. But we can all pray it will be better, or so we all hope. Also, damn Demn Convention, taking all the tv time. It is pissing me off, and it's only the first night.

So, with that, I'm going to finish my drink, and goto my bed.

Peace and Love,
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