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Bike Ride

So, Since I fixed my bike last night, I decieded to go out today after class and ride. Well, there are a few things that I need to remember / I noticed when I rode my bike.

* Do not start your ride by going down hill, go up hill first. That way getting home is easyer!
* I am really out of shape! (But I will be fixing this)
* I must remember to take my rain jacket next time! (I really must)
* The use of my bag was a good thing.

Anyway, here is the route that I took:
1) San Antonio & Louisiana to Burlison & Louisiana - .5 miles
2) Louisiana & Burlison to N Pan American Fwy - 1.2 miles
3) N Pan American Fwy to Ellison & Jefferson - .8 miles
4) Ellison & Jefferson to San Antonio & Louisiana - 1.4 miles
Total Distance: 4 miles

So, over all it was a good ride. I am glad that I did not go any further then I did. I was thinking about going down to the Vista Del Norte subdivision, but I am now very happy that I did not do that. Also, I did get rained on when I was at Ellison & Jefferson. So, took shelter outside a bank at the southwest corner there until the storm passed over. I still got a good soaking so that was fun. Like I said above, I really must remember to bring my rain jacket next time.

But over all good ride. I hope that maybe I will ride some more on the weekends, and maybe a little after work during the week until it gets cold. I have no clue if or how much I am going to ride in the winter. I guess it really all depends on how cold it gets, and if I feel like dealing with it.

So, that is all for now. I need to hit the showers and get cleaned up for my meetting.

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