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Oct. 18th, 2005

So, being on vacation was great, and really I want another one now. LOL. I think that is part of the problem with vacation. When you get back, you want another one. So, things Monday were fun in the office. There is nothing like trying to catch up after being gone for 5 days. Also, other things went on when I was out of town, and I almost feel like I have been gone for a while. It seems that when I go out of town, all the major stuff goes down. Which I have not figured out if that is good or bad.

It is nice to be back in town, and back at work I must say. It was nice to come home, sleep in my own bed and just be in my apartment again. Granted I did like just sleeping in and being lazy on vacation, but the other part of me loves to be busy, and I really do not know what I would do with my self if I was not busy.

So, speaking of busy, this week is looking very busy. Last night, I had a meeting and fixed my bike. Tonight I have an All City Youth Leaders meeting. Wednesday I got the normal going on. Thursday I am meeting with some people that I am house sitting for to get the keys and such. So, far, Friday is the only free night I have, and I only know that it will get filled with something. If that something is something that I want to do, or something that is going to just come up, I do not know yet.

Last night, I finally got around to replacing the tube of on the tire of my bike, so I hope to do some riding now, before it gets really cold. Also, I am going to schedule time next week to go back to the gym. I am planning to go twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. So, that will be good for me. I am looking forward to getting back to the gym, I just have to schedule time in my schedule, otherwise it will never happen.

Well, I need to go grab some lunch, and then head to my class.


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