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It's official, Daniel Craig is 007

From CNN:
LONDON, England -- One of the worst kept secrets in the entertainment industry is no longer a secret.

Daniel Craig, a blue-eyed and blond British actor, is the new James Bond.

Sony Pictures on Friday confirmed media reports that Craig will replace Pierce Brosnan as the suave British spy of the silver screen.

So, only time will tell if he is any good or not. Growing up with having Pierce Brosnan as the guy who played James Bond, this will take a little getting used to.

So, after looking at the IMDB, I have not seen any of the movies that Daniel Craig has done, so I have no clue what type of actor he is, and how he will hold up in the role.

So, I guess I really shall save my judgement until I see the movie, and then go from there.
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