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Picture Post (They finaly fixed it!)

Yea, I can finaly do the picture post again. I was told by some people @ LiveJournal / 6A, that sprint had screwed up some XML stuff, related to how there pictures are sent, and thus was why LJ was not working with it. So, I am happy now, that I can do mobile picture posts again!

Anyway, so this picture is from the Balloon Fiesta, and has been sitting on my phone for almost two weeks now. It is the only one I took with my phone, since I knew I would not be able to post them live.



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Nov. 28th, 2007 06:18 am (UTC)
Sorry for the total randomness here, but I have been trying to get my picture posts to work for quite sometime now and when searching google for answers you post came up in the results.

My picture posts still aren't working and I haven't gotten much help from Livejournal, so I was wondering how you contacted them about your issue and did you have to do anything different or make changes to your settings to get it to work again?
Nov. 28th, 2007 07:30 am (UTC)
First off let me say that I do not work for LiveJournal, so anything I say should be taken at face value.

Ok with that out of the way, LJ is really at the mercy for the wirless providers for making the "picture post" function of LJ work. Basicly, the way I understand it, the picture post function works by your wireless provider sending out an email. In this emai can be your picture or even just a lik to see your picture. What LJ has done is depending on the wireless provider they know in what part of the message to find your image or at the very least where your image is stored.

Then LJ grabs that image and shoves in your "Scapbook" account here on LJ and posts it to your LJ accout based on the settings you entered when you first set up mobile / email / picture posts.

Now with all of that said, if your wireless provider changes even the smallest thing in how they handel pictures coming off your mobile device, then that screws everything up. It can also be hard to figure out what they changed and a work around for the change.

I am going to assume that at one time or another you have had picture posts working. If this is not true, please search the FAQ for the correct way to set this up. Also if you have nerver set this up before, make sure you have an account type that will permit you to make mobile / picture posts.

As for how I got in contact with LJ, the first thing I did was open a support request. Then I waited. It can take some time for them to even take notice of your support request as most of the people who help with support (but do not work with LJ) stay away from those items and let someone on staff answer them / move them up the ladder.

The way I found out about the problem with sprint that they were having at the tike, was they fixed picture posts / mobile posts for another wireless provider, but not mine. So I commented on a news post when they said that they fixed it for the other provider if they knew when the sprint stuff was going to start working again.

Someone from LJ's staff replyed back to my comment that it was a change on Sprints side and how they did something dealing with XML.

So in closing, give it time. As much as LJ is a very large site, they are really supported by a small staff whom are over worked fixing lots of stuff that we never see just to keep the site working. Sometimes things have to get put off at the expense of fixing / working on something else.

If you need any more help or have any more questions, feel free to reply back to this or find me on one of the many messenger programs that I use, all of which can be found on my LJ profile. I am on AIM / MSN / Yahoo most of the day at work unless something comes up.

As for the randomness, do not worry about it. That is why I love LiveJournal so much.

I hope everything works for you. Also if anything seems screwed up / words miss spelled, I have pecked this message out on my Windows Mobile Device, so sometimes I do not hit the right keys on this damn small keyboard.
Nov. 28th, 2007 07:58 am (UTC)
Thanks for all the info and taking the time to reply. I used to use picture mail posts quite frequently but it suddenly stopped working for me about 6 months ago. I have put in several support requests over the months and was told to monitor some of the news communities for the bug fix. I have only seen one post on those communities addressing the sprint mobile posting but the fix did not help (others had replied notifying them of this) but I haven't seen anything mentioned about it since. I have just started to get a bit frustrated lately because I used to use that feature a ton. I'm hoping it gets worked out soon! :)

Thanks again for the reply!
Nov. 30th, 2007 05:41 am (UTC)
Who is your wireless provider (if you do not mind me asking)?

If I get a chance to bug someone at LJ about something, I will try and sneak this in. Also, do me a favor and send a picture from your phone to a email account you have access to. Note the email address it the picture message was sent from. Then go check your "Mobile Post Settings" (opens in a new window) and see if one of your "Allowed sender addresses" matches the address that your picture message came from. Also in the Mobile Post Settings, make sure to note the "PIN" listed there.

After checking the settings, try and send a picture to your LJ by sending an email from your phone to the_firey_water+PIN@post.livejournal.com where PIN is the pin number from your Mobile Post Settings that I had you note. You may have to send it to the-firey-water+PIN@post.livejournal.com cus I know LJ sometimes hates underscores.

After you send the picture give it 5 or 10 min to show up after it has been sent from your mobile device. If after that time your picture has not shown up, go check your "last 50 email posts" (opens in a new window). Note the date / time of the last attempt and if there were any errors and what those errors are.

Then post back here with what you have found out. Let me know what you find out. I sometimes interact with some of the LJ staff on posts and if it still does not work for you, I will try and sneak in a mention about when it might be fixed next time I comment with one of the staff.

I know for me, the last time I had an issue like this it look a long time to fix. I forget how long, but it was long. So hang in there and we shall see if we can get this figured out.

Take care,

PS for more info about how to post via email / phone, check out: this FAQ about posting via email (opens in a new window) or this FAQ about posting pictures from your cell phone"(opens in a new window).

Edited at 2007-11-30 05:42 am (UTC)
Nov. 30th, 2007 12:52 pm (UTC)
I use Sprint. One of the first things I did when my picture posts stopped working was check the address it was sending from and made sure my allowed senders list was accurate. I have also tried to send the picture mails with dashes instead of underscores. With all the dozens and dozens of test messages I have sent, this is what I know: a text message from my phone WILL post to LJ but a picture mail will not. A text email sent from my phone will also post, but my phone has no way of attaching images to actual emails (they are text only). I have also logged onto my picture mail account on the sprint website and tried to email a picture directly from the site and that also did not post to LJ.

Until you gave me the link, I had never looked at the email post log page. I checked it out and it looks like the picture mails that have not posted don't even appear in the log as well. I see the successful posts of my text messages and emails (one error from before I updated my allowed sender list) but all the picture mail tests I have send don't show up at all in the log.

This is the headache I've been dealing with for several months. :)
Nov. 30th, 2007 10:04 pm (UTC)
Ok. I will see if I can find out when this might be fixed, or at least put the bug in someone's ear that this might be a issue. Again, I do not work with 6A or LJ, but I think I can sneek it in.

I still use Sprint my self, but I upgraded to the HTC Mogul (its a windows mobile device), so now I just use plain old email on phone to send the pictures to my livejournal.

One more quick thing, do you have a friend or someone you know who also has sprint and the picture mail service too? I ask beacuse if you do (all my family members have Palm Trio's or Moguls, so I cant do this for you) setup their email account from their picture mail to goto your LJ using the settings I outlined in my message above. Then have them try and send a picture to your LJ. This way we can see if it effects all users with Sprint, or just you.

Let me know and the next time I talk with someone at LJ/6A I will ask them about this.

Nov. 30th, 2007 11:25 pm (UTC)
I appreciate you taking the time to try to help me out. I've put in another request to ask if they are still working on this issue and gave them the latest update about nothing showing up (fail or success) in my email log.

I had a friend with a sprint phone try to post to my LJ after adding his phone to my allowed sender list and it also never showed up. It also never showed up in my log as well. I guess I'll just keep hounding the LJ folks about it.
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