Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

So in 5 hours, I leave to see my trinity_kate(my sister) in Ohio. I am really looking forward to my first true vacation in about 10 months. Granted, I was gone for a week back in June when I went to Mexico, but I do not call that a vaction. Also, sometime in July, I was up in Wichita, and yes, that was a vacation. But, why I call this my first true vacation in 10 months, is I am getting paid vacation for this one (First time in my life), but also, there is no agenda or anything. It's just me and my sister chilling.

Yes, we have a few things planned, and I do want to do some stuff, but for the most part, I will get to sleep in. I will get to be lazy. I will just get to relax, which is something I do not do that often. What sucks, is I still have some homework to bust out that is due Monday. But for the most part, I get to be me.

So, I leave today around 2pm, and get back Sunday around 10pm. So, if I do not update at all or that much, just asume I am having fun.

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