Kevin Murray (claystorm) wrote,
Kevin Murray

Damn my self, Damn my self to hell....Ok, not really....

I want to shoot my self right now (read the rest before you think I am going to kill my self cus I am not).

I had to go out to our VP's house again to get his "new" laptop working with his home network. This is the same VP who droped his "old" laptop. So, I grabed some lunch around 2pm, and then took off for the East Mt. for a second time in 7 days.

So, I get to Bob's house, and get down to work. Well, at some point he says he has Homemade Apple Pie, and would I like a slice. Hello? Do you really have to ask me a second time? LOL. So, I have a slice with Ice Cream. It was very damn good. That was close to 3:30 or 4pm.

So, now I sit here, its a little after 9pm, and I am just now starting to get hungry, and am just starting to think about food and dinner. Also, I must say that the slice of pie was not small. I am guessing the pie was cut into 6th or 5th. So, it was a rather large peice of pie. Again, damn good, prob some of the best I have had.

So, that is why I want to "Shoot my self" (It's a figure of speach, get over it). So, now that it's 9:15, I am going to go think about what I want for dinner, and fix it. (yes it took me 10 min to write this much, I am distracted, the TV is on, and it's BL "Boston Legal").

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