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This one goes out to all the Dumb Albuquerque Drivers...

Ok, pop quiz hot shot New Mexico drivers!

You come to a traffic light that is blinking yellow in your direction, and red in the other direction. What do you do?
A) Come to a complete stop, wait, then proceed forward, only to get pissed at the guy who turned right in front of you?
B) Proceed with caution?
C) Proceed through with out looking?
D) Yellow light, that means go faster right?

Well, I think 90% of New Mexico drivers think it’s the first answer or last answer, which both are very wrong. Its really B) Proceed with caution. Really people, driving is not that hard. I am not sure why people make it harder then it really is.

Anyway, I bring this up, cus in Renaissance Center, there is a traffic light at Alexander & Montbel Loop/Desert Surf Circle that is flashing yellow in one direction (the direction I travel), and red in the other direction. The city is doing this, to see if the intersection really needs the traffic light or not. There are even signs posted all over telling people that this traffic light is under study.

It seems like to me every time I go thru there (which is quite often), people do one of two things. They either come to a complete stop, wait a few seconds, and then get pissed off when some one turns in front of them, or they see the yellow light and gun it, cus they think the light is about to turn red. First, can people not see that this light is blinking? HELLO! Second, I think a blinking light is too much for people to deal with, and maybe we are asking too much of our drivers. LOL.

Anyway, that is my rant for now.

I will do a post about Balloon Fiesta a little later on today. Yep people, its that time again, so ya. I am going to crew again. When I know what spot on the field we will be, I will post that.

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