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Big Brother...

So Big Brother is watching again, and no I do not have an older brother spying on me or anything like that. I am talking about Companys and the Gov keeping information on people. Case in point, Circuit City.

So today I went over to the Circuit City to look at SD cards for my Digital Cam since I have been using my small 64mb SD way too long. So, since prices were too good to pass up, I got a 1gb SD card. So, the Rebate Receipt prints when you check out. So, I look at the Rebate Receipt as I get in my car. So, the place where you to fill out with you name, address, and ect is to my shock, filled in. Its been filled in my Apartment address and stuff.

So, now the funny part is when I checked out, I never gave my name, or phone, or anything like that. All I did was pay with my credit card. The even better part, is my credit card is not linked with my apartment address. It still has my parents address linked to it. So, somewhere in the Circuit City computer, they have my credit card linked to my apartment address.

So, Beware, Big Brother is watching....
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