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School And Tests (Part 2)

So, this post is in response to my post a week or so ago about  tests and such. Well, I finaly got one grade back today, and checked the other online, which had finaly posted. So, I am not sure what to make of the grades I got, vs what I thought when I took the test. On my math test, I did a little better then I thought I would have, but in my econ class, I did worse then I thought I did. So, I guess, this really just proves what I have thought all along, that I never really know how I did on a test.

My Mom would ask me after I took a test or something, "So how do you think you did?" and I would respond "I do not know", which for the most part, is normaly true and this is why. I mean, no matter how much I have rocked out on a test, and thought I have done great, the grades I get back are mixed. Sometimes the grades are what I thought I did, and others they are not. Also, tests that I have thought I sucked it up on, I have mixed results also. Sometimes, I did just screw the test up, and others, I just rocked, and did so much better then I thought. So, if anyone asks how I do on a test, and I respond "I do not know", now you know why I say that.

So, now for the grades. On my Econ test, I got a 77.6%, which is much lower then I thought. I was expecting a 90%, but then again, par for course. I mean, it is really close to an 80%, and I am still passing with no issue, but more it sucks cus I thought I did well, and studyed my ass off for that test. So, who knows. I need to download the answers, and see how they stacked up with what I got, and where I went wrong. I will do that soon.

As for my math test, I got a 78%, but did much better then most of the class did.

Here is the breakdown for what the class got:
A: 1
B: 2
C: 8 (I am here)
D: 17
F: 12 (I think...)

So, when you look that only 3 people got above a C, I did not do too bad. Plus, since my prof took off for things she did not tell us about, she is going to give us a Quiz sometime next week, with problems from the test. This Quiz will be worth 10pts total, and will then be added on to our test grade. So, I do have a chance to get a 88% on the test. Also, I know that some of my mistakes were really dumb, and some I made cus I was in a hurry at the end. I figured that would happen, so I am really not surprised there.

So, I guess over all, I am happy with my test scores. Yes, they could have been better, I know that. But, at the same time, they could have been worse, much worse.

In other test news, I have my first test in my Western Religion class tonight, and I am really worried about it. I have done most of the readings and such, and have studyed for the test, but over all, I just do not feel that I know the info. Part of me is starting to regret taking this course, but I do not know. Its to late to drop, so I am not going to do that. I will just stick it out, and see what the heck happens. Who knows, I could be making a big deal out of nothing, and do just fine tonight. Also, good thing is this test is only worth half of what our next two tests will be worth, so if I do really screw this up, its not like I am totaly going to get screwed here (I hope). I should know more by the end of the night, but from looking at the review stuff, I just do not know. I should have my grade back on this test, by next Wednesday (Oct 5th). I am not going to worry to much about this once I take it, cus there is nothing I can do after I take the test.

Well, that is whats up with regard to school and all the drama that goes with it.

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