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So much to write, no time to write it in...

I have done so much since the last of my silly posts on Friday, and I am not really sure where to start. LOL.

So Firday night to Saturday morning was the middle school lockin, which was a blast. Granted I got like no sleep, but still a blast. But, it has also made me realize how old I am getting, or how old I felt hangin around with kids almost half my age. So, being my normal self, I got out of work later then I planned, so by the time I got up to Target to get the gift & card for the wedding on Saturday, and got back to my apartment and picked up dinner, it was like 5 min's till 7pm.

Then I got half way to Faith, and remembered that I needed to pickup the projector. So, I turned around, and went back down to Holy Cross to grab it. Then I remembered that I needed to grab speakers so they could hear the audio. So, I went back to my apartment and got some. So, I finaly made it to faith around 7:30pm, but o well. So, found what everyone was doing. So, I quickly sat down, and ate my dinner. So, then I jumped in and started to help and such.

So, we did the worship service with the Middle & High School kids. Then the High School kids went down to Luther House for their lockin, and the middle school kids stayed at Faith. So, I got a call not long after the High School kids left, from Gabe over at Luther House, and they forgot to grab the projector before left Faith. So, I run the projector and speakers down to Luther House and get back in about 45mins or so. So, I run upstairs to find that Kristin and a bunch of the Mid-schoolers have gotten a game a basket ball or something like it going. So I hang out in there until we get tired of this.

So, down stairs we have a movie goin and some other stuff. So, some kids are watching the movie, some are alseep and others are just running around. So, we get a game room up and running where Kristin, I, and 2 middle school kids play a game called "Scruples" or something close if I could spell. Well, lets just say, we should have screened the game first, cus DAMN! LOL. So we played that for ages, and then around 3:45 I crashed out. Was back up around 6:45 for only 2 hours of sleep. So, we got everything cleaned up, and I got back home around 7:45 and crashed back out around 8am. I was back up around 9:30am to get ready for the wedding, so I only got a total of 3.5 hours of sleep. yea fun! LOL.

So the wedding was a really quick one. It must have only lasted 15 or 20 mins top. So, went back to my apartment, did some things for a bit, then headed down to my office. Got some stuff done at the office that I had to do, and then took off for the reception which started at 5pm. The party was all good, and my friend looked really happy. I finaly got home around 7:30 pm, and just crashed. I finaly got up around 9am the next morning, so I got almost 14 hours of sleep which was a good thing.

So, I got up, and went up to Holy Cross where I have started to help with the High School Sunday School Class. Had some fun there, and then ducked out to get some food. Food is good, very good! Anyway, then I went with Erik & Mike to take more stuff down to the family we have adopted so that was very cool. Then when we got back to Erik & Kelly's I went with Kelly, her girls & Mike and his girls to the last day of the State Fair. It was very fun, but also sooo stinking hot. For peat sake, it's almost October, why is it still getting up into the very high 80's. It was hell, ok not really, but still very hot. So the girls each got to ride a bunch of midway rides, and other stuff. Then we all stopped for a food and rest break. Then we went and did a bunch of the grownup stuff and that was fun. Then we found this person who does face panting, and all the girls got something painted. So it was past 7pm, so we made the long walk to our cars and left to go back to Kelly's. We stopped on the way home, to pick up some KFC for dinner.

So, the 5 of us have dinner, and then look at all the photos that Kelly took at the state fair. So, then finaly it's gettin late, so I head for my place, finaly getting home around 10:30pm. So, now I have been bumming around my apartment, getting stuff ready for the morning and such. Still have my homework to blow out, but it's very easy so that should not be that hard.

So, now that it has been a very busy weekend, that has just flown past, I am going to get my homework done, and jump in bed!

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