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Cheap Gas: Cat Fuel

So, I just got in the office not that long ago, started getting some stuff done, and checked my e-mail. Among the 20 other messages that had come in since last night, there was one from my father with a subject line that said: Fwd: Meow!. So, knowing my father, this could be anything. I mean, some of the crap that gets passed around out at Sandia Labs makes me wonder sometimes about people mental heath. LOL. So, I click on it, and there is a link to a CNN story, but no real explanation, just the link and a crack my father made. So, anyway, I click the CNN Link, and it brings up this story with the headline: Inventor denies dead cat fuel story.

Anyway, so I read the story, which was worth a quick chuckle, but what I find really interesting is what this guys product does. "Christian Koch, an inventor and patent holder of the 'KDV 500' that he said produces high quality fuel, said he can transform waste products such as paper, rubbish and plastic materials into fuel. ..... The Web site of Koch's firm, 'Alphakat GmbH', says his patented 'KDV 500' machine can produce what he calls the 'bio-diesel' fuel at about 23 euro cents (30 cents) a liter, which is about one-fifth the price at petrol stations now."

So my question is, why are we not using this technology more and more? It uses basic trash, and converts it into fuel. I mean, I think this product solves two of our biggest problems, landfill waste and exhaustion of our natural resources. Also, if it produces it cheaper then currently, why are we not jumping on this bandwagon?

Anyway, Just a thought for the morning.
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