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Microsoft's Gates faces off with Napoleon Dynamite & Other Microsoft Comdey

Warning: Please ensure your sense of humor is enabled before viewing.

So, today I was looking around at differnt news sites and webpages as I normal do to try and stay well versed on current events, I saw something on Yahoo's homepage that spark my intrest. In the Entertainment Section of Yahoo's homepage was a news story with the headline, "Bill Gates faces off with Napoleon Dynamite". So, as almost any Geek, Nerd, or Dork would do, I clicked the link. LOL.

So, below is the text of that news story. Now I want to find a copy of this, and watch it, cus it sounds like it might be worth a good laugh, unlike the movie "Napoleon Dynamite", which I did not find that funny. (See below the news story for more)

Microsoft's Gates faces off with Napoleon Dynamite
Tuesday September 13 10:12 PM ET

Pick your favorite geek: Napoleon Dynamite or Bill Gates?

Seeking to capitalize on the popularity of the 2004 cult movie "Napoleon Dynamite," Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday screened a video spoof for software developers in which the film's celebrated anti-hero reports to work as a programer for the world's largest software maker.

In a face-off between the two nerd icons, Jon Heder, the actor who plays Napoleon Dynamite, beats Gates in a slapping match to become the head of the software giant.

Gates is shown recruiting Heder's fictional character, after which they are seen together in ill-fitting brown suits on Microsoft's campus in Redmond, Washington.

In the last scene of the video spoof, Gates is seen scurrying into the office of his boss, Napoleon Dynamite.

Microsoft often uses major events to poke fun at its competitive business culture and and its hands-on chairman, Gates, the company's largest individual shareholder and the world's richest man with an estimated net worth of more than $48 billion.

Microsoft showed developers preliminary versions of its upgrades of its flagship Windows and Office programs to software developers at this weeks' conference in Los Angeles.

(FYI: These Videos Might Take Sometime To Load Depending On Your Internet Connection)

So, I do not know how many of you have seen the
"Developers. Developers. Developers. Video" of Steve Ballmer (Microsoft's Chief Executive Officer) trying to get the Developers at Microsoft fired up, but it's really worth a laugh. Whats even more funny, is that someone took the Developers video and the Dance Monkey Boy Video (See Below), and turned it into a Music Video. That one is Laugh Out Loud funny if you ask me.

Also, there is the Dance Monkey Boy which is funny, but what makes it even better is the Top 11 Thoughts After Watching the Ballmer Video. Even beter, I found a hittler verison of this video. Now, you all remember about what I said above dont you? Well, just incase here it is again "Warning: Please ensure your sense of humor is enabled before viewing.:: Hitler Verison of Dance Monkey Boy.

So, I just did a Google Search on Steve Ballmer and found a site called MacComedy, which has links to other funny Ballmer and Gates video, including my one of my all time fav's, Windows 98 crashes... again (on live tv).

So, I hope you have now gotten you daily dose of comedy. If not, just rinse, and repeat. LOL
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