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Homework Sucks and Other Stuff

Homework Sucks, but tell me something I did not already know. LOL. Anyway, I started my homework at 8pm last night, and I thought 4 hours would be more then enough time. Well, I was wrong. It took me until 2:30am this morning to knock it all out. Granted, it did not help that I spent way too much time on the first problem.

I got the right answer, cus A) I know my math on that problem was right, and B) I check in the back of the book, and my answer agreed with what the book had. My problem was, that part of the problem was we had to check our work. So, I set it all up, plug in the answer for X, and could not get it to work. I even broke down, and called my father and asked him question. He answered my question, and I thought that was where my issue was. Nope, wrong again. So, I tried it over and over again, with no luck. So, finally I just wrote down, that I know my answer is right, and my math is right, and that I just could not get the check to work. Then I moved onto the other 23 problems that I still had to do. Only about 1 hour or more spent on that one problem.

Also doing homework in the late evening is a slippy slope, cus as it gets later, I get slower. But I stuck it out and got it done, which I do think is a first when it comes to my math homework. Anyway, so far this semester I have done all my homework so far, which as wiped as I am from it, it makes me very happy.

Yesterday, we had a church social, which was well attended, so that was a good thing. I got to talk to some people I have not had time to talk to or seen in a while which was a good thing also. Over all it was just a good time. Also, trinity_kate (My Sister) and I talked for a bit yesterday, and we both want to know why is it that on the first day back from a weekend (Monday), we feel we need naps. My logic is that, on the weekends I am so busy getting stuff done that does not involve school or work that I just do not have time to relax. Plus, given the fact that I do have to work on the weekend to get the backups done, and I still have homework, there is just not much free time in there.

I feel like I am living in a sea of stupid people some days of the week. Rush hour this morning was a great example of it. Getting on the freeway looked more like a destruction derby, then like a bunch of people all trying to go the same direction. Traffic was again backed up on I-25 past my freeway entrance. But, I know the freeway is still faster then surface streets, so I just wait it out. But today, when I got on top of the freeway, there were people everywhere. People were just pulling out ever where, and going around people. At one point, I had someone pass me on both sides of the shoulder of the onramp. There were people almost hitting the jersey bounce, trying to just get around other people. It was "A Sea of Stupid People".

There are also days I am very glad that I drive a Volvo. It makes me feel safe in this state. Not that I am safe from other drivers stupidity, but that I am safe if one of the stupid people decides they see a red target on my car, and come after me. LOL. Plus, even if my car is 18 years old, it's still a nice car, it works well (for now, knocks on wood), and I get half was decent gas mileage, so I really should not complain about my car. Plus, I have more steal in my right front corner panel then most cars have in them all together.

Well, I need to run, cus I have class to go to, so I will yak at you all later.

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