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Sandia Crest Light Mystery - Werid New Mexico Stuff

Sandia Crest Light Mystery Solved

By Bruce Daniels
Journal Staff Writer
    Will the Sandia Lights— a string of lights seen along Sandia Crest on Tuesday night— join the Taos Hum and the Roswell UFO as part of New Mexico's permanent museum of weirdness?
    Apparently not. Just as the state's newest mystery was deepening, eyewitnesses told U.S. Forest Service officials Wednesday they had seen people on the crest Monday carrying large boxes with photographic equipment and again on Tuesday people setting up large "can-shaped lights" along the crest for some kind of photo shoot or photo experiment.
    Phones were ringing off the hook at news outlets and official agencies Tuesday night as a string of lights appeared just after sundown.
    Officials were just as baffled until people came forward Wednesday and told the Forest Service what they had seen.
    "Someone saw a group of three people Monday afternoon carrying large boxes with photo equipment," District Ranger Jackie Andrew of the Sandia Ranger District said Wednesday. "They were told it was kind of a photography experiment."
    The explanation "wasn't terribly exciting," said Andrew, who earlier Wednesday had joked, "There were no reports of aliens on the crest this morning."

I love this state. Any werid thing that shows up, and people just start to think of the most off the wall shit they can. Hello people, any one can go up the Sandia's at night. One of these days, I will get a few people together, setup a few colored lights on the Sandia's and watch the peopel think its the twlight zone or some crap light that. LOL.

So, if you want to help scare about 1 million people, just let me know. I figure it cant be too hard in this state. LOL

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