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A few thoughts and rants for the night...

So, today / tonight has been no less than busy. I did the whole work thing, and then came home after my 12:30 class. I finally got a chance to watch one of my Netflix DVD (Notorious C.H.O.), which was great. For those of you who are not on the up and up, or just do not watch what I watch, Here is the info for Notorious C.H.O:

Stand-up comedian Margaret Cho's first concert movie became a surprising art-house hit. In her second film, she returns with footage from her wildly successful 2001 - 2002 USA tour, in which she talks less about her run-ins with Hollywood and her Korean family (though both subjects still provide plenty of fodder for laughs) and more about all things sexual..

As rude and crude as this was, the best way I can explain Margaret Cho to you is to think of her as a female Korean verison of Robin Williams. So plenty of rude and nasty things, yep thats her. LOL. So, it was nice to laugh my ass off amid all this crap going on in our world.

So, then around 6pm, I had to head back down to the office, after I realized I screwed up an install on the backup server, and had to get it restarted. So, was at the office until 7:30 or there abouts when I finally got the server to a place where I could work on it from home via our VPN. So, upon leaving my office a little after 7:30pm, I felt that I wanted Wendy’s for dinner as I did not feel like cooking. So, I pulled on thru to the drive-thru at Wendy’s to find out that they have discontinued the Mediterranean Chicken Salad. So, it figures, the one thing that I like from a fast-food joint, that is healthy, is discontinued. Just my luck. So, I think I will have to write a very good letter to Wendys, and ask for the return of something that was good, and not like the rest of the crap they all have. Maybe, I can get McD to make a knock off of it, and I would get it from them. Well, I can dream right?

So, then after eating something other then what I wanted, I came home and finished what I started. I am trying to make a self imposed deadline at work, so I am trying the get the backup server done by Thursday night. So, then I got a beer out of the frig had my dinner, which I was not happy about. So, then I popped in another one of my Netflix DVD's (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days).

That move was good, but I think 30 mins too long. If they chopped 20 or 30 mins off, I think it would have been much better. So, that was good. I did that and worked at the same time. What I was doing tonight involves me hitting about 10 keys, and then waiting about 20 mins for it to get done. So, I did that 8 times tonight, but it moved me light-years ahead. So, that was all good.

Then I want to end this post with some thoughts about what has been going on in our country. So, the whole south has been devastated by Katrina. Here in Albuquerque, we have started to take in survivors of Katrina, as I am sure the same thing is going on in a town near you. So, tonight I was watching the news, and they interviewed this one lady, who got separated from her young Son. So, they then proceeded to tell us what she used to do in NYOL, and how her life has been turned upside down. They then go on to tell us that things are starting to look up for her. She has since gotten a few job offers here in town, and has gotten in touch with her Son.

So, the news, being the news, they asked how she was going to get to a new job, with no car or transportation. Well come to find out, one of the company’s that has offered her a job, has said that she will get picked up on her way to work, and dropped back off at the end of her shift. This is just really profound to me, and almost made me cry.

A few months back, I posted to my journal a thought / mini-rant I had after watching the movie Ray. What has made me cry, is the out pouring of support not only our country has given, but the support that other country’s are giving or trying to give. I am happy to see that we are all uniting for one common cause. For once, we have stopped thinking about our self’s, and have start to put other first.

My sister has a friend who lives just North of the NYOL. Really, just north of Lake Pontchartrain, but that does not matter. So, I have been getting updates from Kate on Sean, and his congregation. Having read all of the updates, I just can not get over how we have united in this time of issue. Granted, I have also read in the updates, how there are people who are trying to take advantage of people, but I believe that most people are good, and mean well.

So, tonight as I am watching LENO, it's a new one, for once, and all of a sudden Jay get really serious. So, he starts to talk about Katrina, and all of that. He starts to talk about how people are pulling together to help and such. So, then Jay talks about what they did for 9/11, and for other stuff. So, he says that Harley Davidson has donated a bike, and again they are going to have people sign it, then auction it off. The last time they did this, they raised over 800,000 dollars. Another example, Live journal, is giving 25% of the money that comes in from their online gift store to the Red Cross.

So, if you have not done so yet, please give what you can. If you can not give money, give your time. There are places all over the US that you can donate your time..
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