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A Post About My Evening...

So, I hope to keep this post short, but knowing me it will end up long...

Anyway, when holidays come up, we normal closed down the office for the afternoon the day before the holiday, and then close on the holiday. So, Labor Day is no different. Since Labor Day falls on Monday, today (Friday) we closed the office at 1pm. So, I finally left the office around 2pm, cus I had some stuff that I wanted to get done.

So, came home, and started to watch TV. Then, I decide to count what I had in my spare change jar, since it had been sometime since I had done that. Anyway, so turns out I had 46.94 in there. So, I took 10 dollars in quarters and the 5 dollar bill in my wallet, and took off for the casino since I wanted a break from the norm. So, I played quarter slots for almost an hour, not really winning or loosing, just breaking even, when I hit a double 7 times 5.

So, I knew the payout was going to be good, but I did not know how good. As I am watching my winnings number go up, and up, and up, until it tops off at 300 quarters. For all you math changed people, that is 75 dollars. So, I still had a few dollars left in my cup, so I decided to play that out, and then cash out and be done for the day. So, I figured I might win a few more times, but got a second decent sized win, of 60 quarters. So, that was very cool. Again for you math changed people, that is 15 dollars. So, going against what I said before, I picked out 10 dollars and played for a little longer. I won a little more, but nothing big.

So, I left the casino with 82 dollars. Not bad considering I went in with only 15 dollars. So, I made 67 dollars. Not bad for 1 hours "work". lol.

I then headed down to my parents house from the Casino. I then told them of my winnings, and then we figured out where we wanted to go for dinner. My mom suggested a new place that just opened over at Cottonwood Mall called Tony Roma's. So we get there, and are not sure about this, since there is a huge amount of people out side. So, we send my father in to find out the wait time. Well, turns out its only 1 hour, so we decided what the hell, and go for it.

So, after waiting one hour, we get seated. Get menus, and figure out what we want. My mom and I both get margaritas (something I have been craving since my birthday). We also get their appetizer sampler. So, then we order our dinner. The food comes out in a short time, and we dig in. Everything was great, and the service was the best I have had in a long time. So after we have finished all our food and paid the bill, the manger stops by. So, we start to talk to him, and then ask him if he would like to take a seat. So, he sits down, and we talk for a bit. We tell him how good his wait staff was, how good the food was, and all that. Then we start talking about how we think they will do well in Albuquerque and such. So, then he starts telling us about plans for stores 2 and 3, and maybe 4, and the different locations they are looking at. So, after 5 or 10 min of taking with him, we wrap it up, and let him get back to his job.

So, after dinner it was back to the parent’s house, where I hung out until about 11pm. At which point, I left, and headed back down to the office, cus I needed to change a backup tape. Then after a short stop in my office, I came home & here I am, writing this post. Which, I was trying to keep short, but I do not think short is in my vocab.

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