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So, I have done my duty...

So, I am a little shaken up, but no less fine.

Tonight, I came home on Louisiana from the north part of town after a very different dinner. So, the speed limit on my part of Louisiana is 35 mph, but for some reason, we were only moving about 20 to 25 mph. I could not figure out why we were moving so slow. So, just as I am turning in to my apartment, I all of a sudden see a car dodge into the oncoming traffic lanes, further south on Louisiana, and almost hit another car head on.

Thank God, they did not hit. So, I quick turned around, and went back down Louisiana. So, I get to Burlison & Louisiana and I look around, and that is when I see a car, up on the car, and has hit a light pole. So, I quick, shoot a u, and park my car. I walk up to a guy who is standing around, and ask if everyone is ok. He says yes, and then I ask if the cops have been called. He again says yes, that he had been on the phone the whole time this happened with 911. He then says, it can not hurt to try them again. So, I call them, tell them were we are, and same story they will send someone out. So, in the mean time, the driver of the car that crashed has her foot hard on the gas petal. So the other guy finally gets the woman to turn the car off. He left the car in drive, so that if she tried to start the car, it would not start.

And let me tell you; try to restart the car she did over and over again. At one point, she got it started again, and put it in reverses. At that point, we went back to her car, and convinced her, that she needed to pop the hood, so we could make sure her car was "ok". So, we keep telling her that her car has issues. She is upset by that. So, by this point, we know she should not be driving as she is drunk, high on something, or otherwise impaired. So, once we get in the hood, we look for something to pull. Finally we find her distubitor cap, and pull it. So now, she can not start her car what ever she does.

So all this time, we and other people keep calling the cops. Finally this guy shows up, and turns out that a buddy of his is a cop. So he calls his buddy, who calls dispatch to send someone out. So, now I would say 20 to 30 mins has passed, and a cop finally shows up. So, as the cop gets out of his car, we fill him in on what has happened, and how each of us came to stop. We also told him that we pulled her distributor cap, and the cop told us all "Thank's for keeping her here!". So, as we all were standing there, and he was questioning the woman, it turns out she does not have a drivers license and she has 4 prior DWI's.

So, I feel like I have done my civic duty. So, like I said, still a little shaken up about the whole thing, but another one is off the road for now.

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