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Well, I made it thru the week!

So, week one of school is done, and I think it will not be too bad. All of my classes are great, and the homework level is not too high, that is a good thing.

It looks like I will be able to work anywhere from 20 to 30 hours a week, so that should be good. I have even built in free time to my schedule. So, now, I have Tuesday and Thursday afternoons to do what I like. I can watch TV, take naps, do laundry, ect ect ect. So, I am very happy about that. Also, so far, I have been waking up on time, and have been very productive in the mornings (I hope this is not a sign that I am growing up, DAMN).

So far this week, I packed my lunch 4 out of 5 days. Not only that, but I have had breakfast, or some form of breakfast all week. I have also started to eat healthy. Right now as I am writing this, I am drinking a V8 instead of a soda. I must admit that the first week of school, was prob not the week to give up soda, and to start eating healthy. It has been hell on my body, as it was used to an ungodly level of caffeine to help make it thru the day. In a week or so, I am going to start heading back to they gym. I think I will use some of my free time on Tuesdays and Thursdays and go then. There should be less people at the gym in the middle of the day, so that would be a good thing. I hope to keep doing this thru out the semester, but we shall see how it goes in a month or there bouts.

Work has been good. I still can not believe that I have been with CAC for over 6 months now. So, due to that, I now get paid vacation & all that fun stuff. Plus, I now get paid holidays, so when I am off from school now, I am off from work also. I think this will make my life better, cus it will give me down time ever now and then. So, I plan on giving money to the 401k when I can, which reminds me, I need to talk to Laura about that. I need to give my self a few weeks to see what my pay checks per week are going to be like since I am back in school now, but I hope to give 50 dollars week to the 401k if I can. Also, from what I understand, our 401k here at work, does very well (helps when the GM / Owner is a CPA), so that would be very cool.

Also, my sister has been in town for a little over a week and half. I do really forget how much I have missed having her around. So, we have been having lots of family dinner and such. I am really going to hate to see here leave again, but somehow I do not think I could get here to stay. lol. I do not think I could bribe here to stay, cus if it was about the money, somehow I think she would have a different career path.

One last thing before I shut my mouth, (yes, I can do that). LOL. Anyway, It feels weird to know that I an turning 21 this weekend. So, to confirm all the rumors that have been going around, there's going to be the mandatory first legal drink at 12:01 on Sunday morning, as well as some casino time. Also do not worry for all you people, I will not be the one driving. I have two people who have said they will be the DD for me. I would have had 3, but she did not make it to see my 21st birthday. But it's ok, cus I know that Barb will be having a drink up in heaven for me.

So, now I will go and shut my mouth.

Peace be with you all.


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Aug. 26th, 2005 09:13 pm (UTC)
i'd say you're pretty lucky to have a special person up in heaven tippin one back for ya in honor of the big 2-1

happy b-day!!

<3 Jo
Aug. 27th, 2005 09:44 am (UTC)
Sounds like you really have your life in order and well mapped out. It makes me so proud and happy for you to see that school and work and life is going great for you. Delighted to read that you are taking good care of your health and the exercise, etc., Hang-in there, keep up the good work, and happy turning 21 on Sunday. Love and Hugs, Grandma
( 2 People Thought — Tell Me What You Think )


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