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I feel like...

So, today I really want to get down on the ground, kick my legs & wail my arms around and scream:


Also, as if having to go to class is bad, other things have happened today!

I got up when my alarm went off @ 7:10, which for me is something new! I took my shower, dried off, and got dressed. Then I went into my Kitchen, and fixed my Lunch & ate breakfast at the same time. Then I fired up the computer, logged into the office and started the restore on the backups. Then, I got all my crap, and jumped in the car, and took off for Jiffy Lube to get my oil changed. Yes, I have been very productive this morning.

Got to Jiffy Lube, and there was no line, so that was sweet! Got in and out of there in about 20 to 30 min. But this is where the fun starts. I had just pulled onto San Antoiono, and went to put my foot on the gas, and found I had now power. Then the car stalled. So, I quick put the flashers on, and shoved it into Neutral and restated the car. I revved the car good a few times, and put it back into "Drive", but no luck. So, I pulled into the shopping center across from my apartment, and said "CRAP!".

So, I popped the hood as I called my father. Right when I started to talk to him, I found the problem. An air hose had popped off, so there was no vacuum in the system. So I grabbed my tools, and put the hose back on, and bang it worked.

So then I fought traffic down to my office, and since its Monday, it was bad. So, now I have been just getting some stuff done before I need to leave for my first class @ 10am. So, I hope the afternoon goes better then my morning has.

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