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She has returned, only to leave again.

So, My sister made it in to yesterday around 5pm. So, I went over to my parent’s house where she will be staying to see her, and catch up on the good times with her. I still can not believe that it has been 8 months since I saw her last. It just does not feel like it has been that long of a time, but I guess it has.

Well, so we did not get our act together, so I had to go to my 7pm meeting, which Kate tagged along for. It was good in some respects, and weird / different in others. So, I was a little late to the meeting, but I do not care. I do have another meeting tonight at 7pm, but I think I am going to blow that meeting off since Kathy will be there anyway. So, anyway, we were suppose to do dinner after my meeting, but when we talked to my parents, they bailed, and we ended up going to Dions, which was good since I had not been there in a while, and it had been over 8 months since Kate had been there. So, due to my parents bailing, I had to drive Kate back over to the Westside and then drive back to my place. So, I did not get home until after midnight and inbed around 1am. So, I guess my whole sleep thing will start next week. lol.

Speaking of where has time gone, in ten (10) days, I will be 21. That just blows my mind somehow. It does not make me feel much older or anything, which I guess is a good thing, but its just weird that in 10 days I will be legal to buy beer and such. I guess that is the part that blows my mind.

This week has been a love / hate for me. I am happy cus it's almost the weekend, which means one week more until my birthday. But also, I really do not want class to start right now. I am enjoying full time work very much, and the flexibility it allows me. I am also not looking forward to how busy I will be with School, Work, Church, & Friends. So, that is why I kind of wish this week would just continue on and on and on. But, at last, I know that school will start and there is nothing I can do about it. Plus, I make good money full time, so I really am not looking forward to school, where I have to take a pay cut in terms of how many hours I work.

So right now, I am just counting the mins until 5pm, where I run out the door & go sit in crap loads of traffic. Lol. But such is life, right?

Also, if the price of gas keeps going the way it is now, I am going to have to get a second job just to afford the gas for my car. It's costing me 30 to 35 dollars each time I gas up, and when I am in school, I gas more then once a week. So, I am expecting my gas bill to from 100 / 125 to 175 / 200. Almost double what it cost me last semester. DAMN!

Well, that’s the news for now.

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