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Playing Hardball

So, I am now playing hardball with our Verizon rep. Here is a copy of the message that I just sent to him.

Hey Rick,

I got a question for you. Is there anyway to do a 2 year 6 month contract extension? I am poking and prodding to see if there is any way to get the other 3 phones now. Because, basically a 2 year 6 month contract would put us at the same place as a 2 year contract would 6 months down the road when those 3 phones contract are due to expire. What I would love is for Verizon to knock off 6 months from the existing contact that we have for those 3 phones. Then extend that contact for another 2 years to get all our contracts to start and end around the same time, so in 2 years we will not have to deal with this crap again, so we could just get all new phones at once.

Anyway, talk with your boss about this, and see if can be done. Just so you know, we did talk to Nextel a few months back, and they were willing to put down over 3,000 dollars in equipment and other funds to get us to switch. But we stayed with you guys, so, I just thought I would pass that along to you.

All I am really asking for is to drop 6 months of a existing 2 year contract, and then start a new 2 year contact right now, for 3 phones. Sprint does that all the time when I change / upgrade something. All I have to do is "sign" a new 2 year agreement. So, that is my big bitch right now, and we shall see two things. First, how quick Rick will respond, and second, what Bullshit he will try to give back to us.

Does anyone know how to ask for a new Verizon rep, cus I just might do that. Cus this little f**er is being unresponsive some days of the week.

Anyway, that is all for now.

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