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'Arrest me, I know the password!' :: Harmless hackers or teen criminals?

So, I was looking around CNN a bit this morning, when I saw the headline "Harmless hackers or teen criminals?". So, being the good Systems Administrator, trying to stay current in the computer news, I click the link. So, I started to read, and well, let’s just say I was dumb founded. Not with the students, but with the Administration & the schools IT staff (if they have one). Even more so, I can not believe that the DA & Police are pressing charges.

First off, let me say, that the kids did break the rules even after they were told not to, but also kids will be kids. But, also I think the school did not do some basic things to stop this. First off, they used a very easy Administrative Password, which breaks the first rule of computer security. Second, they put the password on the back of the computers, which breaks the second rule of computer security. Also, this happened more then once. They found out, changed the password & gave the kids detention. Well, no surprise, it happened again. So, my only question to the school administrator is "WHY THE HELL DID YOU NOT TAKE THE COMPUTERS AWAY FROM THE STUDENTS?" I know there were kids at Cibola who could not touch a computer there cus of things they had done. Did the district or the high school press charges, nope. Just locked out his account, and told all his teachers that he was to not use a computer.

So, now going a few years back when I was in High School, I did almost the same thing. I basically hacked the system, looking for things. Granted the Systems Administrators were really good friends and I would report what ever I found to them. But still, really no different. To me, the school needs to give these kids "A"'s in Technology, and then put them on payroll.

My second thing, is why in the hell did the school deploy MAC's. Granted, the new OS X & Tiger are much more secure then the older MAC OS's, but still, point in case, its a mac. Back when I worked for the Albuquerque Academy, they had one MAC lab that no one really supported. So, I got stuck (or suckered) into helping them out. Even with out knowing the Administrative password, I was able to get into the system & reset the admin password. It's only a UNIX backbone, and when you are sitting at the computer, you can do a lot to bypass security and other things.

One last thing, they have there own website now So, I think I might keep a watch on this, and see which way it goes. My hope is that a judge will toss it out before it even reaches the court room.

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