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It works DAMN IT!

Well, I was going to call this post, "it's alive, alive.", but then I remembered that I used that a few months back when I got the server back up and working at work. This time it's DSL, and it's at Holy Cross. So, if you are reading this, it means two things. First your internet connection is working just fine, and second so is the DSL at my church. So, I am happy.

My est time to have this project done was 2.5 hours, which the first time I hit right on the dot. I was moving the copier back to where it belongs right at 4pm, which was 2.5 hours after I started. So, then I checked the link status, and got shit for connection between the DSL modem and the router.

So, I was like "SHIT!", cus that mean I have to pull everything back out and fix it again! Well, the first time I did it, I just used a screwdriver to punch down the wires, (which I know is not the best way to do it, but it has worked fine in the past for me) since I forgot my punch down tool at home, and the one I brought from work only had the blade for phone board punch down.

So, I gave in, and ran back to my place and grabbed my punch down tool, and came back. I decided to start at the first jack installed today. So, I moved the really huge ass copier again, and start to pull everything back out of the wall again. I just decided to rip the wires out of the punch down, and redo it, and not try to baby it. So, that is what I did, and I used the correct tool to punch this crap down. So, I plugged it all back in, and guess what.

IT WORKED! It only took me 15 to 25 mins to fix it, so that was not bad at all.

So, that makes me happy cus that means I do not have to go pull my other box off the wall right now, as that can wait until / if it gives us any more problems.

So, that is what I have been up to almost all afternoon. Now I have go to my office, and do the weekend backups, well change the tapes and start the backup on one server. Then after that it will be shower time for Kevin cus I stink like crap right now from being up in the ceiling and all that fun stuff.

Then it's off to the Westside, to go check on my former boss's house, then dinner with my Mommy.

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