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No Fear...Well, ok Some Fear...

So, I am not saying that I have no fear in life, cus well, I got lots of that. But what I mean is with electronics I really have no fear. I know what does what, and what will kill me if I touch it, so I know what to stay away from.

So with that, last month I cracked open a power supply and fixed / replaced the built in fan. Today, I got to thinking that if my boss's PDA is heading for crap town anyway, I should open it up and see if there is anything I can do to fix it. Well, guess what? I can fix it. I was told by palm and other liars that you could not replace the battery in the Palm IIIc, well they lie. LOL. Not only can it be replaced, but it's sooo easy to do so. Its only 4 Phillips screws.

So, basically I found a site that sells OEM palm batteries, and the one I need is only 20 dollars. So, let me think, 20 dollars vs 400 for a new palm? That’s a hard choice. NOT! So, when my boss gets back in the office on Thursday, I am going to tell him what I have found, and if he wants to do it. So, that is the news on that.

In other news, I am really tried from last night. I did not leave church until almost midnight, but so far it's all working like it should. So that is a really good thing. Suzan is happy, which is also a good thing. Also, when Erik gets back into town, he will be happy to know that I fixed the internet. But, this also means, that if it works right, that I have to now go price the materials that I will need to do this job right. So, I am guessing around 100 dollars after all is said and done.

So, it is starting to sound like my weekend is going to be spent doing a wire pull and other fun junk, but at last this should all be done with. So I will be happy.

Tonight, is our last of the all city youth events. This one is down at Luther House, so I will leave right after work, since my office is so close to campus anyway. Also tonight is when I start house sitting for Richard. So, now that means that I will have to fight rush hour from the Westside for the next week, which does suck, but I will live. My last night house sitting for Richard is August 10th. Last night, on my way to dinner with my parents, I got a call from Karen Davis. She asked if I could house sit starting the night of the 11th to Sunday (the 14th).

Then I have about one week, after that until classes start backup @ UNM. This semester on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays I have class in the mornings, and work in the afternoons. On Wednesdays I also have a 7pm class. Then Tuesday and Thursdays, I have work in the mornings and one or two classes in the afternoon. I have not made my decision if I am going to take 12 or 15 credit hours this semester. Right now, I have 15 scheduled in, but I may remove one class, and allow for my afternoons on Tuesday / Thursdays to be free for homework, and laundry and the such of that. So, we shall see.

Anyway, I am feeling lazy today, but I need to go tackle the backup server, and beat the crap out of the backup drive and see what that POS is not working, and test a few things. So, I will quit wasting time by writing an update and get to work.

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