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Attack of the Killer DSL!

Ok, so not really. The DSL has not killed anyone yet, but I am about ready to kill it. Or at least I am ready to throw the DSL modem out in to Traffic on Wyoming. HEHE.

Anyway, so tonight I spent basically 5.5 hours at church working on the DSL problem. After I trouble shot the problem from here to Texas and back, I tried to call Earthlink support. The first time I called them, I went thru the whole cluster-fuck that they call a menu system, then got put on hold for about 2 min, then got disconnected, and got a busy signal. So I tried again, and again, and again. No luck. So finally, I bit the bullet, and tried the Live Chat, hoping the DSL does not drop out.

So, finally someone comes on, and ask what my problem is, to which I reply:
We get disconnected from our DSL at random. The time of day at which it does this is random, and the amount of time in which the DSL is down is random also. We have checked all wiring, we have tried resetting our DSL modem, and we have tried moving our DSL modem with no luck. We have had the phone company come out and check our line integrity; we replaced all of our DSL line filters, but still no luck. I am hoping that we do not get disconnected now & I could not reach anyone when I tried calling the 1-800 number. I went thru all the menu options, and just get a busy signal. Can you help us fix our problem?

So he asks me a bunch of questions, and bascily tells me that before we can go any further, he needs to basically turn off my computer, turn off the DSL modem. Then turn on the DSL modem, then turn on the computer. So, I told Dumb-Dumb @ Earthlink that we did that, and it has never helped. Also, I do not think he really read my message to him, cus if he had, he would have seen what I have done. So, then he told me that he needed me to test a few things, and then to get back to support with the answers to the questions. So, bascily left me in the same shit place I was before I talked with support.

So, one of the things that he needed me to test, was to see if I could get "sync" at the demark. Well, in the course of this, I found out that we have the old as hell four post demark, so there is no test plug on this to test this. So, using a few fun things, I give it a shot, and am able to get the DSL modem to "sync", which is good and all, but my problem is that our problem is random. So, I figured out a simi-perm way that is still temporary to keep the DSL hooked up to the demark and still have all the phones come off the demark.

(for all you non technical / non phone people, the demark is where the wires that come into your house from the phone company get hooked up to, and then the wiring become your deal after the demark and not the phone company)

So since our demark is at the front of the church in a closet and I had to run to the office's which are towards the back of the church, I got two network cables and grabbed a connecter from work, and combined the two cables, and ran it from the closet to the office on the floor, and taped it down. Hooked that into the router on one end, and the DSL modem on the other end. So, it all works (for now), and I will have Suzan (Church God, I mean Secretary) keep a eye on it, and see if it all works. She will be the first to let me know if it does not. That will then tell me what I need to know, but this way, I am not spending the 50+ dollars on network cable & parts that I would have if I did this the way I was first thinking I was going to have to do it.

Then I also created two signs to go on the inside and outside of the closet door that has the network and phone system stuff.

Here is what both signs said (these are designed to take up a full 8.5x11 sheet of paper each):
Please do not
Touch / Move / Disrupt
the network or phone systems
in this closet, unless you have been
instructed to by:
Kevin M, Suzan B, or Erik K.

Doing so will not only cause the
Internet and Phones to not work, it
will also enrage office personal
who need these things to work.

Thank you for your understanding.
If you have any questions, feel free
to contact Kevin Murray.
When using or moving items
in or around the closet,
please be very careful of the
Network and Phone Systems
and the wires that connect
these systems.

These items are very sensitive,
and the smallest tap or bump
could cause them to break
and stop working.

Thank you for your understanding.
If you have any questions, feel free
to contact Kevin Murray.

So I think they are a little harsh, but it is also what need to be said, cus people are not very careful when they get crap out of that closet. They also just pile shit in there, and stuff hits the demark and the phone system and all the wires that go with it. Part of that is why I think we are having the problem we got right now with the DSL. I think the phone wire that runs to the back is so fuck-up cus it has been hit whacked and other crap so much, it has damaged the wire.

I did a few other things before I left, like cleaning up my mess, and writing Suzan a letter and a few notes about what I did and all that fun stuff. I then left around 11:45pm or there abouts. So, I hope this fixes the problem, or at least solves some of it, so I can be done with all this crap and soon!

Well its late, and I really need to get some sleep!


PS: My icon fits me tonight, cus I really did that tonight! LOL!
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