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Shopping and Relaxing... my weekend...

So, I got a suit. Yes I did. LOL. Well, I went back over to JC Pennies on Sunday afternoon and started to look around some more. This time, they had a decent sales person on duty, so he came up to me, asked if I needed some help. I told him that I wanted to look at suits, but I did not know where to start. So, he looked me over, and asks what style / color I was looking for, and I told him. So he hands me suit, and says to try on the jacket. So I do, but it’s a little too big for me, so then he has me try on a different jacket. That one fits ok, so then he tells me to try on the pants. So, I hit the changing room, and try on the pants, but damn I had to suck it in. So, I came out, and told him the pants were little too sung, and he agreed. So, then he brought be another suit that was almost the exact same jacket style, and size, but the pants were a little different size. So I tried the pants on and they fit great. Not too loose or to tight. Plus, I liked the style also. So I decied that I liked that one, so I got it.

So, most of the stuff I was trying on was on sale for 100 to 150 dollars. So this suit was 150 dollars, but when I was looking at the tag, it was normally 375 dollars. But the suggested retail price was still even higher then 375, so I feel like I did well. I saved more then 225 dollars on this suit. So, I get to pick it up on Thursday after 6pm, since everything has to be sized and stuff just for me. So, it's all cool.

So, this weekend, I got a lot for my money. Here is a short list of what I got, and what I saved.

I got 2 blazers for 49.99 each. They were normally 84.00 each for a savings of 34.01 per blazer.
I got my suit for 149.99. This was originally 375.00 for a savings of 225.01.
I got 4 short-sleeve dress shirts for 12.99 each. They were normally 20.00 each, for a savings of 7.01 per shirt.
I got 1 dress-shirt for 12.99. This was originally 26.00 for a savings of 13.01.

So, I spent a total of 340.00 so far, but I also saved 335.00. So, if they were not having these sales, I would have spent 675.00. So, I still need to get some slacks and other things, but so far, I have a very nice collection of dress clothing. I also did get some nice donations from my family, so I have been able to procure more then I would have on my own, so I would like to say a big thanks to my family for that. You guys are great!

In other news, I had lunch on Sunday with Kelly and Maggie, then we went to see March of the Penguins, which was a hell of a lot better then I first thought it was going to be. Let me say that the previews for that do not even do it justice. It was great, and I loved it. It also had a great soundtrack of classical music, so that just made it even better for me. It was told by Morgan Freeman, which I think was a great person for this. So, that made for a fun Sunday and relaxing Sunday, which was something that I needed in the worst way.

Also, I think that I might be getting sick which sucks ass. But, I would much rather get sick now, then when school starts up again. So, if it is what’s going down, then let’s get it done with. So right now, I am not feeling 100%, hell not even close. So, I may take off at 2pm or something and go home and nap or something. Right now, I feel like my head is disconnected from my body and overall I just do not fell that good. But we shall see. So, if it gets worse, there will be a trip to Walgreen’s in my future. And if it gets any worse then that, (since I am not on any cold meds right now), I will go see my doctor.

So, that’s what’s new with me, and what I did for the rest of my weekend.

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