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Must Love Dogs...

So tonight I went with my parents to see the movie "Must Love Dogs", and I loved it. It was totally worth the 9.25 I did not have to pay (Thanks to my parents). LOL. It was one of those movies that I wanted to see based only on the preview, and it was great. I do not care if it only got 2 stars. Hell that ratting was given by 2 old men, so what do they know. Plus, I love stuff that they hate, so I figured I would just love it, and I did.

In other news today, I went SHOPPING! LOL. And for once, it was not for technology, but rather Clothing. I need some more dress-up type clothing, and so I went looking. Granted, at first I thought I was not going to buy jack today, but then when I got to JC Pennies, they were running some damn good sales.

What I had really gone to JP Pennies to look at were Suits and such, but I went to the one in the Heights today (Coronado Mall), and well, I could not find the Suits Jackes that I had seen & loved over at the Pennies @ Cottonwood. But, I did find some great deals on some nice shirts that would look great with a pair of slacks. So, my over all goal is to start building up collection of dress clothing, cus god knows I have enough T-shirts and that such. Plus, I can get that crap at wal-mart for next to nothing.

So, then I went to my office, did the backups and all that fun crap, and took off to goto the Pennies @ Cottonwood. Since I knew right where the Suits jackets were that I was looking at, I went right to them. The first one I picked up was a small, but looked bigger so I tried it on. And yes, it was too small. So, then the next thing I picked up was a Large, and yes it was too large. Man this is starting to sound like a Children’s Tale. LOL. So anyway, then I found a Medium, and guess what, it was just right. LOL. Now granted, I had my choice of like 4 styles, and there were two that I really liked. So, then I tryed to find the style that I love the most in Medium, but guess what, no luck. They were out. So, I did buy the other style that I like, and it does look great. But what I had my sales person do, was look up to see if the Pennies in the Heights (yes, the one I was just at), had any of the style that I loved in stock. So she looked it up, and they had 5. So, I decided to wait until Sunday to see if I can find that one, and go buy it.

So, right now, it sounds like I have spent way over my budget on clothing, and it sorts I have, cus I have no budget for clothing (something I need to change), but anyway, The Suits Jackets were normally 90 dollars or something, but they are like 40% off, so I got that for 50 dollars. Then the shirts were normally anywhere from 20 to 30 dollars a piece, but they were on sale for 12.99 each, so I got like 4 or 5 shirts and paid about 60 for that. So, right now, I have spent about 110.00 on stuff, and I think I will pick up that other jacket for 50. Then I need some other stuff from wal-mart (Like belts and crap), stuff I am not going to pay high dollar for. So over all, I think I will be spending 200 dollars, but will be getting a lot out of it. Which I am very happy about.

So, I am hopping that this will be a good start to my collection of clothes, and I still need to buy a Suits, but due to money, I think that might have to wait. Cus, I am ok with spending 200 dollars, but adding a Suit in on top of that, will prob shoot that up to 400 dollars, and being that I am about 3 weeks out from school, I do not want to use that much from savings.

Well that is it for now. So, now you all know about my shopping spree today, and all the other fun stuff I did.



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Jul. 30th, 2005 11:22 pm (UTC)
I was in a JC Penney's today. They had buy one, get one free suits. And some suits on clearance for amazing prices.
Jul. 30th, 2005 11:29 pm (UTC)
I forgot about that. Like I said in my post, we have to JC Oenney's in town, and the one on the west side of town seems to be laid out better, and such then the one on the east side of town.

But I do not know if I am ready right now to buy one. But, since I am going back, I might do it anyway. Who knows, Hell, not even I know. LOL

But, they did have some killer sales going on in General. My problem is, I have the 20 year old, look like I got no money look going on for me. So, the sales people never ask if I need help, which is nice in some aspecs, cus It allows me to look around, but when do want someone, they are never around, or never even ask if I need help.
( 2 People Thought — Tell Me What You Think )


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