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Movie night...

So, tonight I got around to watching 2 of my Netflix movies. They were 2 Weeks Notice & Maid in Manhattan. Both were really great movies. I think its been a long time since I have seen 2 movies in one night this good. Anyway, if you get a chance, check them out.

So, that’s that. Anyway, today was a Friday. It just seemed to drag on and on. I really did not get much done that I had planned, but I think that is the life of an IT guy like me. So, then after work I had to deposit a check, and so when I looked up the mileage from my office to the 2 branches of my bank that stay open late on Friday, they were both about the same. So, I took off for the Cottonwood Branch. It only took 40 mins to go 8 or 9 miles today. LOL. I would like to say that is improvement, but I think it is just normal, or getting worse. It's very hard to tell with traffic in this damn town.

So, after depositing my check, I went over to JC Pennies, cus I need to get dressed up soon. Well, a friend / former co-worker is getting married and I was invited to goto the wedding, and somehow I think T-shirt and pants are not going to cut it. So, ya, time to buy some new stuff, cus ya, the last time I got a suit, was middle school, so part of me thinks I have grown since then.

So, on my way in to the store, I called my parents to see what was going down, and I asked about dinner. So, normally with my family, and I am as guilty of this as they are. Its like, "I don’t know" across the whole family. LOL. But tonight, my mom or dad, it's hard to tell who’s idea this was, but was to go to County Line for the some of the best damn BBQ in town, if not this side of the Mississippi. So, they ask if I want to ride with them (being that I am about a mile from their house), or if I will just drive my self. So, I elect to drive since it is up on the far north east side of town, and I live in the Northeast Heights. So, I do get about 15 or 20 mins to look around, and then I make tracks for Paseo Del Notre, which will take me cross town up to Tramway at 55+ miles per hour.

So I blow there in great time, I must have had the traffic light gods on my side, cus DAMN. LOL. Almost every traffic light but 2 I had green lights. So that was good, and I beat my parents, which is no surprise. lol.

So, dinner was great. I had the King Rib Platter, which is a half rack of beef ribs, and half rack on baby backs. Plus, 2 sides, which I had the "Southwestern Cream Corn" and a dinner salad with blue cheese dressing. Over all a good dinner, and I now also have lunch / dinner for Saturday. Depending on when I want to eat it. So, then around the end of dinner, we thought we would go see a movie. Well we figured out which movie, which theater, and what time. So, after dinner was up we had about 1 hour until the movie was due to start. But as we were getting ready to leave dinner, we decided to put it off a night or two, which was fine with me.

So that was when I came back home, and started to watch movies.

So that has been my day. Long, but fun.
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