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Holy DSL Crap...

So, the DSL at church has been flakin in and out for the last 6 months or so. So, about 2 months ago, I did some wire fixing, and some other things, and it seemed to fix it for the most part. It still drops out, ever now and then, but nothing big or long. Well, with in the past 2 weeks or less, its been doing it again.

My only problem, it alwasy works when I am around, but when I am not, it goes down. And your friends and mine from India (Earthlink Tech Support) are no help, only giving Erik bullshit answers that would not explane why the system has worked for the last 3 years.

So, I am starting to think that there will be some wire pulls in my life this weekend, as I think I might have to move some equipment around. Maybe move the location of the DSL modem, and then run a long CAT5e cable from the TELCO room to the router in the office.

Some other problems I got going for me, is all of our TELCO crap, is in a closet that gets heavy usage, with shit (I mean crap) getting pulled in and out. I am thinking about asking (read as: TELLING) the property to build a closet / enclosure around the TELCO stuff, cus I think it might be that when ever the banners get changed, they are hitting the Term Block, and knocking wires loose, and all that fun jazz. Plus, there is so much crap in the room, it could be someone just grabbing a ladder to use and hitting wires loose.

In other Holy Cross news, Wednesday, Jerry and I are going to come upto church, and see if we can work a quote up for Refrig air for the church. I have half the drawing for the current AC system at Holy Cross, but some of it is still a unknow, plus some of it is under the slab, so this could be fun.

So that is the news for now.

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