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The Pacifier...

The Pacifier...

…and no, I do not have a kid. lol. I am talking about the Vin Diesel movie.

I started this movie with no real expectations, and knowing that it was a family / kids movie. I must say it was a great movie, even if it was a Disney movie. Vin Diesel was great, even if it was a "non-shoot them up" movie. There were a few parts that were hard to believe, but I just had to say to my self "It is only a movie". So, I must say, over all, great movie, great actors, and for the most part, a good plot.

So that was my watching tonight, next on tap (Prob Sunday Night), I have Garden State. I have heard that it is a good movie, so we shall see.

Also, shameless plug, but if you have not tried Netflix, you so should. This way, you can watch movies that you are unsure of, and not have to go "Damn, another 5 dollars wasted". Let me just say, "I am loving it" (o shit, I think that is McDonalds line. Now they are going to get me).

So, that is it for now.


PS> Cus I am an attention whore some days of the week, my 21st birthday is in 1 month & 2 days. Or for you people who just do not feel like doing the math, or the research, its August 28. So, yes, in about a month, I will be legal, and thank god (or someone)!
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