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Pondering somethings...

NOTE TO ALL: I wrote this at the Phoenix Airport, but since they did not have internet, I have not been able to post it until now.

So, here I sit at the Phoenix airport. Waiting for my flight to go back to Albuquerque.

I just finished watching Ray, and I must say that is one great, awesome movie. It really starts to make you think about some of the injustice done in today’s world. It also makes me realize all that we have gone thru and all that we must still go thru.

Not only did Ray have to overcome his blindness, but he also had to overcome his skin color. He stood up for what he believed in, and did not back down. He did not back down, even if it got him banded from performing in the state of Georgia.

As I have said before, we have overcome a lot of injustice in this country, but we still have more to deal with. I'm not going to mention anyone subject by its self, cus that is not my purpose behind this post.

I do not know why this can be so hard for people to understand, but people are people. I have never had a problem with that. Now, if you are scratching your head, going what is he talking about, let me tell you. I am for equality for all people. It does not matter if you are Black, White, Christian, agnostic or what have you, we are still part of the human race, and to me that is all that matters.

Now like I have said before, this is not about one subject or another. This is about them all. Any reason that people are being discriminated about right now, in the past or in the future, is what I mean. You can put in any subject you want, some of which I do hold close to my heart for one reason or another.

As we sit here, divided as a country, and as I sit here in the airport, I kind of just want to stand up and yell "Quit your Shit, All of you, and get along!"

As I sit here at the airport, what seems really funny to me, is when we are at an airport, all our difference just seem to disappear. It's like we check them at the door, and leave them there. When we are at an airport, all we have is one common goal. That goal is to get from point A to point B. It really does not matter who is next to you, all you care about is getting where you need to go. It really does not matter who you sit next too, so long as your butt is planted in one of those seats. When you think about flying, you have to think that you get on a plane, sit next to some complete stranger, whom you know nothing about, and on normal occasions you strike up some sort of conversation with that person.

The point I am trying to drive home is if it does not matter on a plane, why does it have to matter in real life and why does it matter. Let’s bury the hatchet people, and treat all people, as equals.

So, now as I get down from my soap box, I will let you all think for your self, since we all do have free choice. Also, being that I am not perfect, as much as I try. Just kidding. But, I do realize that I could just be blowing smoke out my ass, so let me know what you think, and what your thoughts are. In the sprit of writing this, I do not care who replys. I do not care if you are family, friend, or some random person; tell me what you think on this subject.

If you want to talk about this more (on or off LiveJournal), let me know as I am more then willing to discuss this with anyone.


PS, if you have not seen "Ray", then I suggest you go down to your local video store and rent it.
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