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So, I am back from the camping trip this weekend.

I got some great photos of nature and of cliff jumping. I have them downloaded to my computer, and when I find time (ya right), I will get them uploaded, and posted here. I know I still have to do the Mexico pics also, so maybe I will just do it one evening, and be done with it.

As for the trip it's self, it was mad fun. I got up there around 3:30pm, after a shit for Friday (see below for why). When I got there, Kristin, John, and Erin were there. So, we all chilled for a bit, and had fun. The weather was a little bad, but it passed. It rained but it felt great. I fixed dinner, which was great. We had chicken breasts and corn, and it tasted great.

So, somewhere around 7:30 to 8:30, Ray, and his two girls showed up. Not long after, Al and the COJ group showed up. So, we made a campfire, and talked into the night. It was nice to be away from the city and be up there. We went to bed somewhere around 11pm, and man I forgot how much it can cool off in the Mountains. I ended up sleeping in my car, cus of the number of tents and all that.

Saturday, we got up, fixed breakfast, and went over to the Jemez Falls. Walked and Hiked around there for most of the morning. Went back to camp and fixed lunch and rested a little. After lunch, most of us drove about 3 to 5 miles down the road whale some of the group rode bikes down to the same place. From there, we hiked in about 2 miles, to this place where you can do cliff jumping.

For you non adventure people (much like me), cliff jumping, is jumping off a cliff in to a body of water. A few of our group did jump, and I have some great photos and video of that. I did not jump. It's not that I have a fear of heights or water. I just hate falling. Plus, having to walk 2 miles back was not high on my list also.

So, after the cliff jumping, we went back to camp, and just kicked back for a little bit. Then just as we started to fix dinner, God got pissed or something. lol. A massive storm settled over us, and we had some lightning that hit less then a mile from us. But that too passed, and dinner was great. We built another camp fire, and ate dinner and talked and just had fun. It was great. Our fire also burned hot, really hot. We had flames that were blue in color, which is a sign of something burning hot. So after having to put the fire out twice (cus it was so hot, it rehit its flash point), we hit the sack. Again like the night before it was cold, but made for great sleeping.

So, Sunday morning, we got up, had breakfast and packed up camp. So, Kristin, John, and I took off around 11:30 or there about. We stopped off and got some fry bread and oven bread from the Jemez. Once we got back in town, we stopped off and had lunch before heading off on our own ways. I went to my parents house since it was less then a mile from were we had lunch. I dropped off most of the stuff that I had barrowed. I then went to church, and dropped off some of the other crap. Then finally I went to my place and unloaded my car.

Then after I unloaded my crap, I rested a little, cleaned off my flip flops as they had a bunch of dirt and other crap on them, and took off to the office to do the weekend backups. Then I took off to my parent’s house, and had dinner with them. Now I am back here, just chilling watching TV.

So, now on to my Friday. I swear this Friday was really just a Monday trying to be a Friday. It was the Friday from hell. It started by me getting me getting a call from our alarm company at 6am, that the alarm on our building had gone off and the police were dispatched. So, I run to my office, and make sure everything is ok, and deal with that. Then I run back home around 7am, and shower, and head back to my office. Other things were just going on, and stuff was just being a pain in the ass. I had to finish something’s, and that took much longer then I thought. So, did not leave my office until noon, which is one hour later then I thought. Then I went to buy ice, and head to my house.

I started to load stuff up, when I pulled a very stupid trick. I hit my head hard on the tailgate thing on my Volvo wagon. I hit it so hard, I drew a small amount of blood and it hurt to no end. Also I was running massively late, and I hate that. So then Kathy called, and asked me to pick some stuff up at church. So, just as I was getting to church, Kathy called again and she needed something I had to buy. Which, it's not that I had to buy it, but that I was becoming more and more late.

So I get all my shit, and leave town. I get out almost 2 hours later then I wanted, but after that, the day was all good. So, that was my trip, and now I am thinking about bed.
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