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I wonder about people. I had set my alarm for sometime around 6am, so that I was hoping to get into the office at 7am. Well, my home phone start ringing around that time too. First, you should know, that almost no one calls my home phone. Second, when I sleep, I sleep hard. So, finaly I relize that is my phone, and not my alarm, so I answer it.

It's was our securtiy montering company that we use here at work. They told me that the alarm had gone off, and the police had been dispatched. So that wakes me up really quick. So I shove some clothes on, and get out the door. I drive down to the office & there is no one there. The alarm is not going off anymore, so I enter the building. All of our lights are on, so I run upto my office and look at the security computer.

On the security computer, I see nothing that stands out as a forced entry or anything like that. So, then I look out the window in my office (which over looks our shop floor / wharehouse) and I see no one. So, I asume that someone had set it off, reset the alarm, and was gone. So, get some stuff done, and go to leave close to 7am (cus I needed to shower and stuff). Well, this is when I notice that the alarm has a blinking light on "Zone 3". I could not for the shit of me, make it turn off. Since I thought someone had reset the system, I did not try the reset command. I tried calling PSI (alarm company), but there support office was not open yet. So, its 7am by now, and our guys are starting to show up for work anyway. So, I leave and do not worry about the arming the alarm.

I go home, shower, pack (for camping this weekend), and grab a soda and head for work. I get back in to the office at close to 8 or 8:30am. The blinking light is still on the alarm. So, I get some things done, and then head back down stairs and finaly get around to calling PSI. It figures, but I get the person who is still in training. So, she asks someone, and then asks me "Did you trip the alarm on your way in this morning?" so I tell her that I did get a call from them. So, then she says something I should have tried a long time ago. She asked me to hit the reset sequece. So I did, and it fixed it.

So, this is not the first time one of our smart people have set off our alarm. So, my questions is, is it really that hard to type in the code? My answer is NO. I just think they are lazy and do not worry about it. So, I think at the next company meeting I will have to address this. The part that pisses me off more, it seams its the guys who have been around longer. The new guys, can get that alarm turned off in 5 seconds flat. So, that is just my rant on that.

So that was this early morning, last night sucked more.

I went to wal-mart last night cus I had to get somethings for camping this weekend (like food). So, it's like 9:30 / 10pm, so I am thinking that I should be able to get my crap and get out right? Wrong! The lines at the checkouts were soooo long it sucked. Also, they had about 8 to 10 lines open, so it was just a "Lets all goto wal-mart night", and it sucked. I must have waited 20 min to check out. It felt like the night before christmas or something like that. So I did not get home until 10:30 / 11 pm. Then I did somethings and hit the sack.

So that brings me to my last things:

This weekend. I am going camping with the area Lutheran Churchs youth groups. So this should be fun. I head out today, after I get off work. But what makes this kick ass, is that I am taking a half day. I am soo happy to get out of the metro area, and get away from the modern things. Well, some of the modern things. I am taking my laptop cus there is shit that I need to do, and I will have some downtime today when I get there, so I figure, use the inverter and be done with it.

So, if you try and call me this weekend, and only get my voicemail, or if you send me an e-mail, I will get it, but not until I get back into town. I do not think I will have cell service, but we shall see. So I am happy about this weekend as I think its going to rock.
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