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Fun with CSS or is it CSS having fun with me?

So, I am learning "CSS" or Cascading Style Sheets for work. Since I am in the middle of moving our website over to a database system, and have to rebuild the whole site anyway, I want to do it right. By right, I mean make it less painfull in the end.

The best way to do this so far is to use CSS. The only thing is I am starting to think that the people who came up with CSS were a bunch of anal-retentive ass holes, who were very anal about everything they did. I understand the need for CSS, and what it can do, and such. My problem is that things are done in a much longer format. Plus, it seams that every tag is different, even in the way you would tell it what width and height you want. One one thing like an image, it is done one way, but for a table or something it is done a different way. I mean, I know CSS is suppose to make pages look nice, and give you full control, but do we really need different tags to do the same thing? The only problem I have with that is it comes down to time & coding. I like HTML cus it is short and to the point.

So, anyway, that is my bitch. It's just a pain to try and do something, to only have it fail on me. So, I get a feeling that this process is going to be longer then I thought / want but. My only true requirement is I am done trying to figure out CSS by the time school starts again.

So, ya, I am just bitching, but what else new, right?

I am sure I will pick this up, but its just bugging me right now. So, back to the books & the code. lol

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