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Friends are fun!

Tonight I had dinner with Paula, Her son (Michael), and Kelly. I have not had that much fun in a while. We sat at Chile’s and just talked, and told stories and such so it was all good. We spent like 3 hours there, and I think the table behind us cleared out about 4 times or more. It was a great time.

In other news, my month is really starting to fill up. I know I said this back in late June about July, and I am going to say it again about August. August is starting to fillip fast. That and I start school August 22nd, which I must say with my new job, is something right now I am not looking forward to. The reason I say I am not looking forward is it just creates a hella of more work for me. Not only do I have to remember my work schedule, but will have to remember my class schedule, and homework. Plus, all the crap that goes along with homework.

This semesters schedule should be fun also, as I am trying something new. I am taking a class one day a week from 7pm, to 9:45pm. So, we shall see how that goes. I know the prof of the class, so I think it will be all good. I am hoping by having one class that is at night, it will free more of my time up in the day to get things done, like homework and the such. So right now, here is my schedule:

ECON 106M W F1000 - 1050
MATH 120 M W F1100 - 1150
RELIG 264W1900 - 2130
CRP 203T R1230 - 1345

MWF = Monday Wednesday Friday
W = Wednesday
TR = Tuesday Thursday

So, I am going to look at adding another class into my mix if I find a time that works. I am thinking about working afternoons on MWF, and then working mornings on TR. Plus a few hours on the weekend should hit me around 25 hours. Plus, that leaves afternoons open on TR to do what I want. It could mean more work if I need to get cough up, or just relaxing, homework, and other junk. So we should see.

Also at work, I am starting to work on our webpage (http://www.cacinc.net), so it has been nice to hack again. Plus, what is really nice, is on my work laptop, I have a piece of software running called "CMS Made Simple", so, what that does is basically stores all the page in SQL, then uses PHP to pull them up. So, once I got all the pages in the computer, I create templates. This way, if I want to change the design, I can with out having to mess with all the content at the same time. Also this way, when I go live with this all, I will be able to make a change from anywhere. So, that means anywhere there is internet access, I can mess with the site.

Now, I plan on doing things a tad different. I plan on running this software 2 times, once as a test server, the other as a production server. That way, I can change everything, then just do a push and be done with it. I still have to work on legistics, but I do not think that will be too hard. I need to get with Carl over at Lobo Internet, (our internet & hosting company) and see if what I want to do is easy or not. If I can not get both production server and test server online, I might keep the test server on my work laptop. But, who knows. Time will tell.

Well, its now late, so me goto bed.


PS: Sorry if this update seams to be all over the place, but its late, and I am tired.


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Jul. 12th, 2005 10:13 am (UTC)
Where's your studio class? Are you not doing Architecture anymore?

Did I miss something? Or is Architecture school in New Mexico that much cooler than it is in California?
Jul. 12th, 2005 12:05 pm (UTC)
Re: Confused...
Well, a little of both.

At UNM, things are setup a little differnt then So Cal.

First off, when you start at UNM, you are not ammited stright to the program of your choice. Everyone gets dumped in University College for the most part. Then, there is a core set of classes that you have to get done. Then you have to apply to the degree program that you want. So, right now, I am just trying to get the fucking core done, so I do not have to worry about that. To me it is a fucked up way of doing things, but being that UNM is a state school, with 25,000 undergrad students, its the way things are done.

Second, right now, I think for my undergrad I want to do "Community & Regional Planning". I have had a few course and love it. Plus, in New Mexico, you have to have a masters in Architecture to be licensed. So, after talking with some Architectects here in New Mexico, they told me that since you have to have a masters to make any reall money anyway, to get something else for my undergrad, and then come back for my masters in Architecture.

The plus is that UNM offers a Combined Masters program for the Architecture program. It's about 1.5 years longer then the normal masters program, but this way, I will have my undergrad in Community & Regional Planning, and my Masters in Architecture.

So, I think that is my plan for right now. But, anything and everything is subject to change. LOL.

Jul. 12th, 2005 12:21 pm (UTC)
Community and Regional Planning is sooo fun and interesting -- great field, especially since you want to eventually go the architect route. It's the same path my former roommate followed and now he's working as an architect at a prestigious firm up in Aspen, CO.

Just so you know, Econ 106 is the easist course I've ever taken. I made over 100 on all of my tests (with extra credit), and it was interesting, too. Of course, I had a major crush on my instructor, and that kept me going to class even though it was incredibly easy. It's weird not having a Fall schedule for me, though, and I'm actually jealous that I'm not taking classes this Fall (so far, that I know about, being an alternate for my program).
Jul. 12th, 2005 10:35 pm (UTC)
Well, the whole showing up to class thing does help. I found the class easy, and I never went to class (might be why I am having to take it again), but being that I never did do any studying for it, I feel I did well to pull a "d" in the class.

I am trying to figure out what to do. I really want to do the CRP stuff, but part of me also just says to fuck it all and only do Arch stuff. Then another part of me, this would be the really sick and sad part, is thinking about seeing how many classes a double major would be. One in Arch and one in CRP, or a minor in Arch with a degree in CRP or the other way around. So, I need to look into that before classes start this fall.

I took semester off once, and it was weird. Part of it felt like an extended summer break, but it really felt weird going back in the spring after being off for 9 months. Part of me would love to do it again, but the other part of me knows that the quicker I get out of school, the quicker I do not have to deal with classes.
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