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So, Just an update...

So, my flight leaves at 4:27pm today to head back Albuquerque. It has been fun and relaxing being up here, and well worth the money I spent on a ticket. Sure it was a little hellish flying up, but I did get some pictures of DFW breaking out the cots to sleep on (something I have never seen before). The return trip is looking much better as weather in Wichita, DFW, and Albuquerque is all clear, and should be that way all day.

I do have little under an hour on the ground at DFW, so I will prob grab some food, and if I have time, ride the new SkyRail system, but we shall see.

Anyway, everything has been good here. My parents left early this morning to drive back to Albuquerque. They will get in about 2 hours before me, unless they run into problems. Also, with the whole storm problems down in the Gulf, I am really glad I did not drive up here.

Yesterday, we drove out to Hutchinson, KS to goto the Kansas Cosmosphere. It was a fun place to go for the day, and reminded me a lot of the Air and Space Museum, in DC. Then, we came back, and a belated 4th of July cookout, so that was fun. Then after dinner we went and saw Madagascar as a family. Its my second time seeing that movie, and I still love it. I will have to buy that one when it comes out on DVD.

Friday was just my slack day. I sat around and played playstation with my cousins, and just hung out waiting for my bags to be found. I did grab my Aunt and Uncle's van, and drove over to Target so I could have deorerent, and then I picked up lunch at Chipotle Mexican Grill and came back.

So right now, I am waiting to head to church with my oldest Cousin and her boyfriend who came in from St. Louis this weekend. So that is all that has been going on around here. I might post when I get back into town, but I still have to head to the office tonight, and run the weekend backups.

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