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Flying or Not...

LOL. So, I hope to be on a plane at some point tonight. Hell, I really am hoping to be on two planes tonight.

So, right now, my flight has been rescheduled to leave Albuquerque at 7pm tonight (Org scheduled to leave at 3pm). It says it will now get into DFW at 9:39pm. So only a 4 hour delay. LOL

Now the big trick here, is my flight from DFW to Wichita. It says that flight is scheduled to leave DFW at 8:24pm & arrive in Wichita at 9:38pm. So, the only problem with that, is that this flight is scheduled to arrive in Wichita, 1 min before my flight lands in DFW. Opps. So we shall see. There is one more flight after mine going from DFW to Wichita. Right now, that flight is scheduled to leave at 10:20 pm & arive in Wichita at 11:34 pm. So, I am praying that my flight out of Albuquerque is not delayed anymore, cus if it is, then I will be staying in DFW tonight.

So you know what I said about I might blog when i get into Wichita, dont count on it. It will be just grab luggage, goto their house, and crash.

Anyway, that is all for now,
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