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Ok, I'm trying to figure out why I'm still bloody up. Some of it has is me trying to deal with thoughts I have running thru my head. (A private post, which may be released to friends only, and a some point in time, to everyone). Other is my body is sooo messed up with the whole time changed, coming back from the eastern time zone, and my flight yesterday having issues (see post from Jan 6, with regards to that). So who knows? What I can say right now, is I'm posting much more then I did last year, which leads me to my 2005 New Year Goals.

--Kevin's 2005 New Years Goals--
*List may not be in order of importance, but just the order I thought of them in.

1) Start going back to the gym.
   a) Loose weight, and keep it off.
   b) Build up my muscle mass
   c) Get in better shape.
2) Do better with my schoolwork.
   a) Go to Class (Yes, I had issue with this last semester)
   b) Do my homework, and do it on time.
   c) Pass French 101.
   d) Pass French 101. LOL
   e) Pass French 101. LOL LOL
3) Know when to ask for help, and know when to accept it.
4) Something that I need to do personally, before I tell you all. (Sorry, if you really want to know what it is, just ask me, and depending on my mood I might tell you, this is a very personal thing, so if I don’t tell you, don’t worry, it not you, its just me, and that’s why I have this as a new years goal)
5) Get out of the house more.
6) Get better organized.
7) Post in my Live Journal more! (People, Please keep me honest on this one)
8) Ask my boss for a raise, or 2 weeks paid vacation, or both.
9) Eat better and drink less soda then I do.
10) Eat out less (Money wise)
11) Manage my money better (Keeping track of spending in MS Money)
12) Clean my apartment more (It's not nasty, just lots of papers and clutter around)
13) Go out with friends more often.
14) Learn the meaning of the word NO, and learn how & when to use it.
    a) Use the word NO.
15) Buy more music and download less music (money permitting)
16) Let God control more of my life.
17) Watch less TV
18) Go to Bed Earlier.
19) Get more Sleep, goes in hand with 17 & 18.
20) Take better care of my self.


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Jan. 7th, 2005 10:22 am (UTC)
From the 'anonymous' cousin hehe :-D
what up my cuz.
yea thats me talking gangsta, cause drop it like its hot came on again this morning, and on our 3rd snow day, aka our 3rd day locked up in the house bored as hell, what else could we do except dance to it?!

I'm glad you'll be updating more, i can have a deeper look into the life of my cousin lol. You're braver than me, my resolutions are rather disappointing, mostly cause i know i never reach them.

well i better end this, now i have to go find something else to do--ahhhhhhh.
sounds like your flight was hell, hey i can relate.

<3 Jordan

ps~ my journal is a xanga one: http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=blondiejo2006
( 1 Person Thought — Tell Me What You Think )


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