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Travel crap...

So, now have a decently hard decision to make before I board the plane on Thursday. Do I take my personal laptop, do I take my work laptop, or do I take both?

I put this question forth, because I do plan on doing something’s for work when I am on the planes. Some of the stuff I plan on doing is just word docs, and such. But the other stuff I plan to work on is the CAC website. Now, normally this would just be a matter of grabbing the files, and shoving them on my laptop. But, I am in the process of moving our whole site from a static site, to a dynamic site. For the dynamic site to work, in needs to run in a web server application. The app's that are needed to run the site, are Apache 2.0, MySQL, and PHP. So, granted, I have all that on my personal computer, cus I just need to face the fact that I am a geek. But, the problem is that to move the website from one computer to the other, I need to dump the whole database out to a file, then physical copy it to my personal computer, then restore it to MySQL. This is much like the process to restore a great plains server, and some work is involved in the the process.

So, part of me says, just take my work laptop and be done with it. But the other part of me also wants to take all my music with me also. Right now on my personal computer, I have about 10 Gib of music, so I have a veryed selection of music that I can listen to. The other things on my personal computer, is plans for an expansion of Holy Cross (my church). Granted these plans have no bearing on reality, but they are still fun for me to work on.

So, I do not know. More then likely, I will just end up loading the CAC site, on my personal computer tomorrow at work. But, we shall see. I guess it all boils down to how much I really feel like looking like a big dork or not? lol.
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