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Men and Wal-mart

So men can be such pigs. I went to wal-mart late tonight to get a heat wrap cus my neck is buggin me. So anyone who has been to wal-mart late at night knows that they have everyone stocking. So, I round this corner, and this guy was like,

Guy 1: "Hey Mark"
Guy 2: "Yea?".
Guy 1: "What time is it?" (as he looks at two women down the way)
Guy 2: Smiling "It's 9' o-clock" (really it was 11:52pm)
Guy 1: Smiles back.

Ok, can I just stop right her, and apologize to all the women in this world for how much men are pigs. Men can be such pigs, and I really do not understand it.

Also at wal-mart tonight:

I am heading to the checkouts, and it's almost midnight. I come upon this Family, and its a young family. But anyway, I say family, cus they had their 3 young kids their with them also.

So, here is my question. Why are these kids not asleep, and why are they at wal-mart at almost midnight?

I mean really people. These kids who, the oldest was like 5, should have been in bed no later then 8:30. Is this something that people are just not getting or what? I know that parenting in general is going to crap, but still. Is it really that hard? Even 10pm would be ok with me, but fucking midnight? That is way too late for the kids, and then you wonder why they are having temper problems at wal-mart. Part of me wants to just go smack some of these people. I mean, I know tonight is the 4th of july, but it happens almost every time I am at wal-mart late.

When I have kids that will not happen. They will be well-behaved kids. Anyway, that is it for now. The heat wrap is starting to work, so I hope my neck feels better.

PS: I did nothing to hurt it, I just think I slept wrong last night, and it has been bothering me off and on all day.

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